An Invitation from Archangel Michael


Even as I write this, I feel the strong presence of Archangel Michael. I sat down here to write to you about my recent experiences with him at my Terranea retreat, but there is an experience he wants me to have and share with you right now. So that other story will need to wait.

I feel a great golden presence. It is all feeling, not words. I don’t see a face, just golden light and a sense of wings. Everything is made of light, golden light.

The feeling at this moment is deep relaxation and acceptance. That whoever I am and however things are, it is all right. There is a strong sense that whatever I have done or left undone in my past is all right, too. I am not living out the consequences of mistakes or failures in the past. Rather, I am creating each moment anew from who I am right now. And the good news of this is that as I shift my awareness now, everything around me begins to shift as well.

My Power Grows

I have a feeling of growing power, the power to create. It is as if he is holding a space to allow me to go into a cocoon, dissolve and reform. The protection for which he is so well known is in this, protecting me when I am in that vulnerable transitional state, keeping me safe while I am still coming into form, holding me from harm while I chew my way out of the cocoon and let my wings dry.

And now, now, it is as if the golden energy has turned into a great smile, a warm and loving smile, an admiring smile that says: “Well done!” And I feel that energy I knew at Terranea, that aspect of Archangel Michael that was so amazing and wonderful, so infinitely supportive, the great Angelic Cheerleader, who wants nothing more than for us to live the fulfilling lives we are fully capable of having and experiencing during this short sojourn here on earth.

Why, If Not to Live?

And crossing my mind is this question: Why be here if not to live, to experience, to dare to be your truth?

Yes, this is what he celebrates, the emerging of your truth in physical form here during your life, the emergence of you, you just as you are, you in shining glory, you in whatever form it is you truly take at this point in your journey.

Everything is formed anew from this moment. In this moment, you shine forth with your light and watch the darkness give way. In this moment, you open to love in your heart and everyone and everything around you begins to shift in response.

Glimpsing the Butterfly

And now I go down, down into the dark cocoon. And I suddenly see a vision of the butterfly that is being formed, even now, in this moment.

I see myself, how I am dressed, what my body looks like. My hair is gray, so I know I am seeing a glimpse of my future. I feel my cool confidence, the way I own who I am. I see how I have created a life for myself where I walk in alignment. I work with clients, friends and partners, and feel aligned with all of them. The harmony within me is so strong that it creates a field of harmony around me.

It feels calm, easy and deeply relaxing to live like this, to be projecting life so completely from the inside out rather than responding and struggling against what is outside. It feels like the answer to everything.

What Am I To Do?

And so I ask, “What is it I am to do, in order to achieve this state? What action am I to take?” And the answer, not surprisingly, is this: Just be. Dip deep into yourself and bring forth who you are. Be. Be this, the essential you.

I feel and know that by being my deepest truth and letting it shine out, everything else begins to transform, including my own body.

I know it is time to let go. Surrender to transformation, to the becomingness that lies within, to the raw juice that is there after ego is dissolved, to the form it wishes to take now in newness and wonder.

And Now, You

And now, I am to ask you if you wish to join me in this experience, if you wish to melt into the core of your being, surrounded by Archangel Michael’s golden glow, and allow yourself to become, shift and emerge.

Let us begin here, with a single session, a phone call of an hour or so, and then see where the path to your sacred self leads.

Ask your intuition now if this is for you. Ask if the door is waiting for you to open, to open to the staircase ready for you to climb to your power and greatness. Ask if this is the moment for us to open that door together, with Archangel Michael protecting us and sending love as you shed your armor, lay down your sword and step vulnerable and tender into the light of your own glowing wonder.

Click below if you are called to do this and then we will set up a time to meet.  Soon.  Soon.  Transformation awaits you.


I look forward to our journey together.

Love & peace,



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