A Little Miracle Shines a Light


Don’t you love it when Spirit jumps into your ordinary, physical daily life? Isn’t it fun to be reminded that anything’s possible?

My Now Voyager program began with one of those experiences.

I was dialing in for my usual morning empowerment meditation with my i-am-this.com members.  Every time I dial in, I hear the same woman’s voice with the same message: “Welcome.  This service is provided by FreeConferenceCall.com.”

One morning, I dialed in and the very same voice said: “Understand God. This service is provided by FreeConferenceCall.com.”

I was so startled I hung up!

Had someone at FreeConferenceCall recorded a new message? But would they really say that? So I called back in and the woman spoke: “Welcome.  This service is provided by FreeConferenceCall.com.”

Oh, I see. It had been a message just for me.

Now Voyager Begins

I went ahead with the i-am-this.com empowerment meditation, something that normally takes 20-30 minutes. But I went deep, deep—so deep!—and spoke for over an hour, pouring forth a vision of what is blocking you from true knowledge of your inner sacred self as well as showing the path through self-love to health, prosperity, loving relationships and fulfillment.

And this meditation, which I call “Understand God” because of how it came to me, comprises the first step in my program: Now Voyager, the Journey to Full Self-Expression. In the remainder of the program, you create a strategic life vision and set the intentions for your new, clarified direction. It’s a beautiful gift to give yourself when it’s time to shine a clear light on your path forward.

And of course—of course!–understanding God is a journey through self-love. Because you and God and the Oneness are the same. As a mermaid said to me the other day, when I was asking Spirit about the pathway to prosperity:

Love yourself

And the deed is done

For in loving yourself

You embrace The One.

Go to carriehart.com/now-voyager now to learn more about the powerful Now Voyager program. And of course, to Understand God.

Love & peace,



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