Wanataquay Appears

A most amazing thing has happened.  An ancient energy called Wanataquay (wah-nah-tah’-kway), active in the Amazon rain forests some 2,000 years ago, has re-emerged, seeking to bring love and nobility of spirit to the human heart, to you and to me, and to again be a great force of peace and harmony on earth.

Wanataquay Mandala by Cheryl Finn and Carrie Hart

I have been working with this benevolent and gently powerful energy for a time now, using it in sessions with other healers, known as Wanataquay Ona (oh’-nuh).  It is now revealing itself more and more strongly, as I learn about the Wanataquay culture, language and beliefs

Why Wanataquay?

I asked:  What does Wanataquay want from me?

The answer cameYour commitment to bring forth the energy, the concepts, the healing, the language, the songs and ceremonies.  Your commitment to share this with others.

I asked:  When I share it, what do others receive?  How does it help them?

The answer cameWanataquay is not a system of enlightenment and spiritual ascension through meditation.  It is a call to action, a way to perceive what is noble and best in human nature and then to act, to bring that into being.

With Wanataquay energy, yes, you do heal yourself, but you heal so that you may act.  You utilize Ata (ah’-tuh) to clearly see what is and is becoming, then drop into Thar for purposeful action. 

Some Wanataquay Language and Concepts

There is so much I am receiving and that I wish to share with you.  Allow me to start with a few words and concepts and I will expand on this as time goes on.

Thar (‘th’ as in ‘think’; ‘ar’ to rhyme with ‘car’)

I was driving for 2 hours alone through the wooded Pennsylvania landscape.  I began to feel a strong presence in my torso.  I knew it as myself, my center, my pure essence.  It was tangible, real, strong and growing stronger as it made itself known to me.  I didn’t know what to call it, but I sensed that its name contained ‘th’.

A few days later it came to me:  I had met Thar.

Thar is centered in the solar plexus and extends from your mid-thighs up to your chin, encompassing your throat.  If you relate to chakras, you would say that it covers the first 5 chakras.

Words that come to mind about Thar are:  intention, drive, power, purpose, destiny, action, and expression.

Ata (ah’-tuh)

Following this realization, I understood that there is another presence, also pure essence and my essential self:  Ata. 

Ata is light and ethereal, the yin to Thar’s yang.  Ata overlaps Thar, from the heart up to the top of the head and beyond, chakras 4 through 7 and more.

Ata is not confined to or shaped like the body, but rather reaches out, floating into Expanded Consciousness or what today’s scientists call Non-Local Consciousness, the place that reaches beyond time and space.

Words that come to mind about Ata are:  knowledge, foresight, intuition, imagination, creativity, insight, and discernment

Ona (oh’-nuh)

Two thousand years ago, deep within the Amazonian rain forest, women known as Ona would gather in a circle to call forth Wanataquay, that gentle, loving, deeply powerful and transformational energy.   

Today’s Wanataquay Ona are women with many years of experience in multiple modalities and dimensions, including energy work, empathic understanding, sound healing, medical intuition, sacred geometry and crystals.  They work with Wanataquay energies in remote healing sessions, in groups of 3 or more.

Wanataquay has always worked primarily through women and asks all women to be warriors for truth and kindness.

What Now?

You may request an experience with Wanataquay in your private one-on-one session with me.

You may also, of course, go to your quiet, sacred space, breathe deeply and ask Wanataquay to come to you.  I wish you the joy of your unique, individual experience with Wanataquay!

I will be sharing what I learn as I learn it in this newsletter and on https://carriehart.com/blog/.  I hope you will choose to join me on this exciting journey!

If you have specific questions about Wanataquay, please feel free to send them to me at carriehart@msn.com.  I will do my best to answer them in subsequent newsletters.

Love & peace,



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  1. Hillary Black June 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm #

    Thank you so much, Carrie, for sharing your beautiful, inspirational gifts. “…and asks all women to be warriors for truth and kindness.” Yes indeed! The world sure needs your healing guidance.

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