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On Wednesday, June 27th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM, I will be hosting a Dream Analysis Workshop.  I am telling you about it now so that you can begin capturing your dreams right now!

During the workshop, you will analyze a dream of your own, allowing it to reveal a message from your higher consciousness, spoken in your own personal set of symbols.  You will learn a method (from Martha Beck’s book, Steering by Starlight) that you can apply over and over to even the most obscure and apparently non-sensical dreams.

Right now, begin a dream journal that you keep at your bedside.  When you awaken and remember a dream, even in the middle of the night, write it down in full detail immediately.  All of those people, places and things mean something!  Then bring your journal to the workshop and learn how to crack the code your higher self is using to give you guidance as you sleep.

This event will be held at Lisa Sarick’s Sol Wellness Center in Dubois, PA:

  • 608 West Dubois Avenue
  • Take the driveway across from Dubois Feed, then drive around to the right behind the building

I will see you there!

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