Now Voyager Details

Below is more detail about the Four Steps we will take on your Now Voyager journey.

1. Clear the Old

Before we meet: I will give you a most astounding meditation I received from Spirit, in MP3 form and also transcribed in writing. You will listen to it and go deeply into the questions posed in that meditation, opening to insights into the false self you may have been protecting and the true self waiting to be revealed. Keep a journal with your thoughts and experiences. Think about the most important things you would like to share with me at our first meeting that will help define the persona you are letting go and who you are moving toward becoming.

During our meeting: We will talk about your life journey to date and what you have discovered about yourself and your life while working with the meditation. We will then invite Spirit to provide an even deeper understanding. We will also discuss your assignments for the next meeting.

After our meeting: You will complete your assignments for the next meeting, including refining Essential Word lists, gathering images and colors and answering questions about who you truly are.

Remember: Be gentle with yourself as you release what was and absorb new ways of being.

2. Define Who You Truly Are and How You Wish to Be in the World

Before we meet: You will be answering questions, to trigger you to take a clear look at who you are, your values and aesthetic, what you truly care about. Look around at what you own, wear and do that you absolutely love. What songs and movies resonate deeply with you? Remember places and people that made you feel at peace and at home. What is the quality of these experiences?

Review an Essential Word list I will provide you and choose 3 – 5 words that express what you truly yearn to express in every area of your life.

Imagine that you awaken as your true self, feeling powerful and creative, vibrantly alive. What will you be doing that day that brings you joy and a sense of fulfillment? Will you be changing the world in some way? Will you be providing a service? Are you an artist or a scholar?

During our meeting: We will review everything you have pulled together and invite Spirit to provide an even deeper understanding.

After our meeting: Consider creating a collage of images and words that expresses your truth so well and so clearly that it warms your heart just to look at it. Allow yourself to see it, to feel it, to breathe in the truth and power of your vision.

Remember: Allow yourself to let go of all your old ideas and dreams you are presently pursuing, especially limiting beliefs. Take a fresh and clear look. Imagine the life you will create when you share who you truly are with the world and the wondrous effect it will have.

3. Declare Your Intentions

Before we meet: Take a clear look at where you are now and where your vision takes you. What are you willing to do to bring this about? What are the big steps you know you will need to take? Can you commit to this with single-mindedness of purpose, holding the course in spite of the inevitable challenges? Do these intentions support who you truly are and your vision?

Write it down in statements that begin “I intend to…” Feel the truth and the commitment. Know it to be so.

During our meeting: We will review your intentions and invite Spirit to provide an even deeper understanding. We will fine-tune the intentions to be in alignment with what Spirit wishes for you.

After our meeting: Update your Intentions to reflect your new understanding. Then hold on to your hat, because Vision plus Intention gets the universe moving!

Remember: An intention is not a fantasy or a wish for something outside of you to happen. It is a statement of what you intend to bring about, even if it means you must take courageous action, challenge old beliefs and grow in new ways. And do remember this: when you commit to courageous action, Spirit matches you every step of the way.

4. Meet Your Spirit Team

Before we meet: Listen to meditations to open you to a deep connection with Spirit. Keep a journal of your experiences to share with me during our call.

During our meeting: We will set a sacred space to support your higher purpose. You will state your Vision and Intentions and then invite Spirit to co-create with you, by pulling together a Spirit Team. We will invite angels, power animals, masters and guides, gods and goddesses, whatever feels right to you and whoever shows up in answer to your call.

We will ask your Spirit Team to handle the details in support of your vision and your intentions. We will ask them to dip into the limitless possibilities that exist and create things far beyond what you could imagine as possible.

We will ask your Spirit Team for the Spirit Songs they wish to hear, songs to the entire team focused and motivated in their support.

After our meeting: Outline any other activities you need to perform as part of a daily routine, which will, of course, include your Spirit Songs. Then follow through on your routine and focus on those intentions. You are the one who make it happen, with your focus and commitment, your courage and your belief.

Remember: Your job now is not only to remain steadfast in your intentions, in your promises to yourself and others, but to pay attention to the opportunities that come your way. Spirit works in serendipitous ways, so stay alert to things that shine brightly, to overheard conversations, to unusual invitations.

Say yes, over and over. Yes, yes, yes! You never know which person has a hand on the doorknob that will open to your vision.

Say Yes Now!

Begin by saying YES to the Now Voyager Journey right now!

Single payment of $475 for all four sessions

OR Three monthly payments of $171 (total of $513)

Just make your purchase above and we will set the dates for your appointments. We can do them quickly or we can stretch them out to accommodate your schedule, but either way, please make the commitment now while I have the open slots on my calendar. Some weekend times are currently available.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this voyage will be taken through one-on-one sessions, I can only accept a limited number of participants.  I do hope you will be one of them!

This promises to be a beautiful, life-transforming experience. Please do join me!

Love & peace,





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