Now Voyager

Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find, Walt Whitman

The participants in this program are experiencing the most amazing results!  People are finding their way out of their confusion and map-candleinto clarity and commitment, taking action that truly makes sense and moves them toward their dreams in highly practical ways.

I am absolutely thrilled with what is coming forth as we combine strategy-building techniques with deep and true access to Spirit.  Here’s what one Now Voyager client has to say:

You can stand on the shore and watch life ebb and flow, or you can sign up for Now, Voyager and sail away with Carrie for a trip to that elusive, magical island that is your life purpose. Using wonderfully fun homework, phone sessions and meetings with Spirit, we have assembled the jigsaw puzzle of my life to see clearly my highest path and greatest goal. Step sideways from whatever is keeping you from full self-expression and find it with Now, Voyager. Thank you Carrie, I’m setting sail!  Jean Hudson, Author

Why You?

In your heart, you know that everything that matters to you–health, wealth, loving relationships and fulfillment–stems from your true and deep relationship to yourself and Spirit.

But just creating a vision board and asking Spirit for guidance is not enough.  You need to make challenging decisions every day.  How can you know what to do?

You, Spirit and I will establish the framework, a vision and strategy for your life, formed at the level of heart and Spirit, which can then be used by your thinking mind to make clear daily decisions.

The Journey Ahead

The Now Voyager program is a personal and private journey, where you, Spirit and I will work closely together in a journey of four steps:

  • Step 1: Clear: We will bring down the energetic wall that has been blocking you from the life you are truly meant to live.
  • Step 2: Create: We will use a strategy-building methodology to create a new, clear understanding of who you are and your higher vision for your life.
  • Step 3: Intend: We will write clear intentions to which you are fully committed. We will build up your confidence to follow through.
  • Step 4: Invite: We will form a powerful Spirit team for co-creating your visions and carrying out your intentions. We will receive the Spirit Songs that will keep you and your team focused on what you intend.

How It Will Work

We will have four private, one-on-one sessions (teleconference calls), each lasting approximately one hour.  Before each session, you will have contemplative homework to complete.

During each session, we will review and discuss what you have uncovered about yourself, fine-tuning your understanding. We will also ask Spirit to take us deep and deliver true messages for you. (Everything will be recorded and sent to you later, of course).

Please click here to read more detail about each of the four steps of your journey

What to Do Now:

I consulted carefully with Spirit about the pricing for this journey and was asked to make it as accessible as possible.

I want you to be able to do this, to get yourself ready for 2016 with true clarity of purpose. I want you to step beyond those doubts and limitations and truly shine!

Here is my offer:

Single payment of $475 for all four sessions.

or Three monthly payments of $171 (total of $513)

And yes, members may use their coupon for an additional 10% off, as my special thank you.

Just make your purchase above and we will set the dates for your appointments. We can do them quickly or we can stretch them out to accommodate your schedule.  Some weekend times are currently available.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this voyage will be taken through one-on-one sessions, I can only accept a limited number of participants.  I hope you will be one of them!

This promises to be such a beautiful, life-transforming experience. Please do join me!

Love & peace,



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