Private Pathfinder Sessions

  • Are you in the midst of a life transition, one you chose or one that came to you unbidden?
  • Does self-doubt have you second-guessing your decisions?
  • Do you feel stuck and need help to move on to the next energetic phase of your life?
  • Is it time to show the world who you truly are?

Transform Your Life

At your private session, you will deeply connect as I combine my pure, direct access to Spirit with over 20 years of providing guidance in creating health, wealth, loving relationships and personal fulfillment through deep inner transformation.

 You were born to shine out, to share your talents and skills, and to show the world who you truly are.

 I can help empower you to move out of fear, doubt and confusion and into the strength, confidence, courage, clarity, connectedness and commitment you so deeply desire.

 Are you ready to create your true life? Then read on!

“That session was truly amazing.  It’s just as jaw-dropping the second time.  I have never felt so ‘seen’, so validated and so loved.  What more can one person do for another than what you did for me last week?  I can’t think what it would be.”  — Natasha S.

Your Inner Voice

The noises of fear, doubt and conditioning, together with the pressures of daily life, make it difficult for you to hear your inner voice. I am not distracted by the false voices in your mind. I connect only with your truth and bring it forth for you to hear clearly.

Spirit knows what to bring you. It is my gift to be open to the pure flow of Source and Oneness and send it your way.

“THANK YOU for the wonderful session that we had yesterday.  I was deeply moved by what came through and have listened to the session again and again.  I am so glad to have a wonderful soul like you on the planet at this time.”  — Juliet B.

An Easy Connection

We will meet on a conference call so that you can have a recording of your session. After we speak, I will take you into direct contact with Spirit, as in a guided meditation.  During our journey with Spirit, you may either be silent as I speak of what I am hearing and seeing or you may actively participate.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for our time together.  You can just relax and be your easy, natural self throughout.  This will be a deeply relaxing time that opens you to new insights about yourself and your path.  It is also likely to be a highly energizing time, an expansion, an unfolding that leaves you connected to your higher self in new and thrilling ways:

“How can I say thank you after that session?  Wowowow.  So true and so accurate, I feel it in my heart and center and bones.”  — Carol

How to Get Started!

If you are looking for the next step on your path, sign up for a single session.  Sometimes just one session will give you exactly what you need, to energize you and help set your direction.

If you believe you need coaching through a challenging time, sign up for a set of 5 sessions at a significant per-session discount.  We will schedule the sessions at whatever pace you require as you make your choices and act on your new understanding.

Please sign up below and send me an email at to schedule your first appointment.  Below are Paypal buttons, but they give you the option to charge the payment to a credit card, if you prefer.  I do so look forward to working with you!

Single Private Pathfinder Session — $111

Five (5) Private Pathfinder Sessions — $400  (A savings of $155:  $31 per session)

I am here for you-cofarms

“I wanted to thank you for these last 2 private sessions–it is amazing to see and feel how much my life is changing in these past 2 weeks.  Something, if not everything, is transforming in my life and the guidance you have provided me has been nothing less than magnificent!!!!!!!” — Barbara S.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful session today.  WOW!! I’m still resonating!”  —Nancy

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