Carrie Hart is a Pathfinder & Life Strategist, who focuses on empowering women to lives of confidence & courage.

Carrie had the unique experience of pursuing her spiritual quest while working as a Vice President of a Fortune 50 company. As a result, she developed very practical tools and techniques that enabled her to apply spiritual insights to real world situations. It is now her mission to help women tap into the infinite power that resides within them.

Carrie’s joy at being in front of the audience shows in everything she does, with an ease developed from years as a corporate trainer as well as a professional singer and speaker.

Carrie’s most recent book, Earth Survival Guide, Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This One became an immediate amazon Best Seller.  She is also the author of  A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, and a Singer/Songwriter with 2 albums of original songs.

Thousands of people all over the world go to her websites every day:

  • Go to i-am-this.com to participate in live meditative & energetic empowerments with Spirit
  • Go to PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com to meet a power animal to be beside you as you face the challenges of your life
  • Go to Quado.com for an inspirational message for the day.

Proposed Speaking Topic

Women, Confidence and Courage

Did you know that men initiate salary negotiations four times as often as women do, and that when women do negotiate, they ask for 30 percent less money than men do?

Did you know that women apply for a promotion only when they believe they meet 100 percent of the qualifications, but men apply when they meet 60 percent?

Of course you knew that. You’ve worked for him!

In this lively and interactive presentation, Carrie teaches you how to tangibly increase your confidence and presence in the world, releasing your personal power to create a life of fulfillment, prosperity, loving relationships and vibrant health.

She teaches you:

  • How to physically increase testosterone and decrease cortisol, instantly enhancing self-confidence.
  • How to invite the presence of a Power Animal to bring you strength and presence, so that you walk into that meeting or interview like a lioness.
  • How to seek intuitive guidance on the upcoming situation or encounter, so that you are mentally and emotionally prepared to put your best foot forward—even in heels!

After this presentation, you will be ready to go out in the world and make it happen!

Here are excerpts from a talk Carrie gave to the 2015 Regional meeting of Soroptimists International, a group of over 300 women.

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