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Did you read about Wanataquay in my post last week?  If not, I’ve summarized it below for you.

How Wanataquay is Transforming My Life

First, I would like to share a personal note about how the Wanataquay energy is showing itself in my life.  Perhaps it will transform your life as well!

Wanataquay is not a system of enlightenment and spiritual ascension through meditation.  It is a call to action, a way to perceive what is noble and best in human nature and then to act, to bring that into being.

It is also an energy that works primarily through women.  Wanataquay asks us to be warriors for truth and kindness.

And how is all that affecting me?  For the first time in my life, ever, I am entering politics.  I want truth and kindness back in our country’s leadership!

There is more information on this at the end of this post, in case you would like to take action with me.

Summary from Last Week

Wanataquay is a powerful ancient energy from the Amazon that has re-emerged.  I invite you to join me as we unlock the ancient language and its powerful concepts.  (Go to for last week’s post).

In the last Wanataquay post, you met Ata and Thar, your pure, essential energies.  You might think of Ata as your yin and Thar as your yang. 

Ata, centered in your third eye and extending from your heart to the top of your head and beyond, reaches into non-local consciousness, accessing everything that is, was and will be.

Words for Ata are:  knowledge, foresight, intuition, imagination, creativity, insight, and discernment.

Thar, centered in your torso and extending from mid-thigh to your chin, knows your deeper and higher purpose for this life and drives you to action that is consistent with this purpose.

Words for Thar are:  intention, drive, power, purpose, destiny, action, and expression.

Ata and Thar come together within you in Atatharum.

Introducing Atatharum (ah-tuh-thar-RUM’, with a rolled ‘r’)  

Together, Ata and Thar form Atatharum, which is your pure essence as expressed in this lifetime, your fully integrated self, your personal unchanging Truth.

Atatharum does not want, desire or need; Atatharum is.  You were born Atatharum, before you were conditioned by society, trained and domesticated by your family, before you tried to please, before you doubted yourself, before you picked up other people’s energies and called them your own.

You Are Atatharum:

  • You are Ata, full of knowledge of what is and what is becoming, even if words escape you; you can reach out into non-local consciousness and bring the knowledge back into your head and heart.
  • You are Thar, full of purpose, even if you can’t express it in words; you can feel it in your center and know when you are on track.

You are Atatharum.  And you can learn to reach this center and make choices from here.  You can learn to differentiate between the pure Atatharum presence that you are and the other energies that are within and around you.  You can know who you truly are and drive your life from here, from Atatharum.

An Important Wanataquay Concept 

This is a Core Wanataquay Concept:  You have an obligation to take care of yourself, to protect yourself, to perceive what is and then act.

It is up to you to see what is and protect what is yours.  Marauders may come from the neighboring village.  The river may flood or may run dry.  The future is not fixed and not controllable by you or anyone.

Wanataquay is gentle and loving, yes, but the love is also power.  Wanataquay wishes to create a society that is loving and kind, full of peace and harmony, but also protects itself.  Wanataquay asks you to be a warrior for truth and kindness.

Use Ata to know and see what is becoming, but stay vigilant and aware, because the future is always shifting and changing.

Access Ata for clarity and then act through Thar, feeling your Truth and allowing it to be your compass.

What Now?

You may request Wanataquay energy in your private one-on-one session with me.

You may also, of course, go to your quiet, sacred space, breathe deeply and ask Wanataquay to come to you.  I wish you the joy of your unique, individual experience with Wanataquay!

Love & peace,



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