Having Wanataquay Guata

Did you read about Wanataquay in my previous posts?  If not, go to https://carriehart.com/blog/ to learn about this powerful ancient energy from the Amazon that has re-emerged.

Then read below as we continue exploring the ancient Wanataquay language and its powerful concepts.

A New Word and Concept:  Guata  (gwah’-tuh)

Someone with Guata has personal power and good fortune; her Guata brings about good outcomes for herself and her family, perhaps even her community.

Someone with Guata has the patience and presence to learn and listen, watch and wait, feel the flow and know the moment for decisive, courageous action.

Using Guata is like standing in the water with a spear, alert and ready, waiting for the moment to strike.  Someone with Guata knows that you cannot chase after the fish; this only stirs up the mud and reduces your clarity and vision, while allowing the fish to hide right under you.  Someone with Guata knows that time is like the river; you must stay alert and allow it to be what it is.

An artist with Guata brings forth the true essence of everything she touches.  She is as patient and vigilant as the fisher, knowing that truth reveals itself in its own way and in its own time.  She uses her talents to not only produce beauty and truth, but to provide for herself and her family.

An Ona utilizes Wanataquay energy to bring forth the natural Guata within her people.  She understands that good fortune is created, not wished into existence.  She asks Wanataquay to help her people develop the Guata qualities of patience and tenacity, clear vision and courage, knowing that these qualities automatically bring about abundance and prosperity.

To have Guata, one must first be Guata.    

What Now?

At this time, there are two ways you can experience Wanataquay energy with me:

  • The ultimate Wanataquay immersion and healing experience is a session with three Wanataquay Ona, all focused just on you. Go to https://carriehart.com/wanataquay/ to read about this powerful, deeply healing session as well as testimonials from those who have experienced it.  I would encourage you to sign up for a session with the 3 Ona if you believe that deep physical and/or emotional healing would be most useful for you at this time or if you simply desire the deepest and fullest Wanataquay immersion available.
  • If you are seeking direction to move forward in your life with confidence and purposeful action, you may wish to request a one-on-one Wanataquay session with me. Our session will focus on your pure essence, that unchangeable center that knows its destiny, even though it cannot be expressed in words.  Together we will work with Wanataquay to open your Ata and activate your Thar, clarifying your direction and empowering you to step out with confidence. Go to https://carriehart.com/wanataquay/ to sign up for our one-on-one session.

You may also, of course, go to your quiet, sacred space, breathe deeply and ask Wanataquay to come to you.  I wish you the joy of your unique, individual experience with Wanataquay!

Love & peace,



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