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As a holiday gift for you, I am pulling together the various Tools and Techniques I have gathered and/or developed over the years to help maintain a stable center of peace, no matter how crazy everything around us seems to be.  You will find this growing library in the Mindfulness Section, which also includes Meditations and Private, One-on-one Sessions with me.

I also continue to be focused on 2020 and doing what I can to restore our democracy and some dignity to our leadership and our lives.

If 2020 politics are making you crazy, then please go to the Meditation page to re-center yourself.  That’s what I do!

Then come back and order my new book, Earth Survival Guide 2020, now available in both Kindle and Paperback.  It’s a satirical take on our lives here on Earth in 2020, where you will learn about the GRABs (Greedy Racist Aggressive Bullies) and the BUFs (Blind Unthinking Followers), as well as some new ways to look at life.  I hope you love it!

And now, you can also sing along to my latest song.  The title says it all:  Lock Him Up!


And if all this makes you worry about my safety, think what that tells us!  This is the United States of America, where free expression is guaranteed by our constitution.  I should feel safe in my rights to express myself–and frankly, I don’t.  So I guess that makes it all the more important, doesn’t it?

Peace, Love and Freedom,







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