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I have recently felt compelled—due to the rise of GRABs and BUFs described in my book, Earth Survival Guide 2020—to step out more actively into the rough and tumble world of Earth politics. It is my hope that you, too, will overcome your natural and quite understandable avoidance of this area of life, and join me in the ensuing battle to save our planet and way of life, to say nothing of our rights to free expression.

Before this, I was primarily focused on spiritual growth and development, on the exploration of who we are, why we are, and what we can do to become the fullest possible expression of our essential selves.  I still work with clients, through Private Sessions, all to help us all shine out with the power, truth and wonder that is within.  I also continue my personal meditation practice, to keep myself centered in the truth, love and peace that is within us–something especially necessary when you delve into politics!  I invite you to visit my Meditation page to share this experience with me.

In one phase of my spiritual explorations, I delved deeply into Power Animals.  I created the unique website PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com, where you can go to find a Power Animal, perhaps as your totem for this year or a lifetime, or perhaps just to find out the energy that will help you through today and the challenges that lie before you right now.  You will enter the Enchanted Forest, take a deep breath, click, and voila, just the right Power Animal will appear for you.  Try it–it really does work!

I am a singer/songwriter with two albums of original music and a one-woman show, The Courage of the Creative Spirit.  My most recent musical adventure is focused on our current state of affairs.  The title says it all:  Lock Him Up!

I am an author of five books:

  •  Earth Survival Guide 2020, a satirical look at our lives and society, exploring the recent rise to power of the GRABS (Greedy Racist Aggressive Bullies) and BUFs (Blind Unthinking Followers) as well as a deeper dive into our society overall, including my on-going studies of religion and spirituality
  • Edisms Revealed, in which I edited and illustrated many wonderfully wise, witty and very funny things my husband Ed said over 40+ years of marriage (Go to Edism.com for the book and some amazing EDISM T-shirts.)
  • The original Earth Survival Guide, published before the blatant rise of GRABS and BUFs, which shared the story of the Power Animals and focused on the use of their energies
  • There is a Garden, a Song in Spiritual Time, which is the story of how my work as a spiritual explorer began
  • A Call to Greatness, the Exciting Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, which follows my spiritual journey further

Before all that, I worked as an IT professional in corporate America for over 30 years, advancing from computer programmer to Vice President of a Fortune 50 company.  What an experience that was!  I am delighted to say that I continue to use what I learned there, in using computer systems and in my Private Sessions, where I sometimes help people navigate through a career, while maintaining a peaceful core inside.

And Now, Pennsylvania

My husband, Ed, and I moved from Los Angeles to the wilds of Western Pennsylvania in June, 2017.  What a beautiful place it is!

Here’s a picture from my deck, of our lawn leading down to a cove off the lake.  We are often joined by deer, ducks and geese.  Ed and I love to go kayaking in the summer.  In the winter, there’s this funny white stuff that falls from the sky and then gradually turns the lake to ice.  As Southern Californians, we are still a bit mystified by this process, but the Spring does always seem to come again.

I also discovered that after the Revolutionary War, my paternal great, great grandfather settled just 100 miles from where I am living; it seems that my family lived here until my grandmother’s family moved West.

Pennsylvania is also a swing state, an opportunity for us to get 20 electoral votes to go to the Democratic candidate.  And I’ll be out knocking on doors to do my part.

And then, who knows?  Perhaps I’ll help develop a spiritual community here.  Or write another book.  Or sing.

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