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Having Wanataquay Guata

Did you read about Wanataquay in my previous posts?  If not, go to to learn about this powerful ancient energy from the Amazon that has re-emerged. Then read below as we continue exploring the ancient Wanataquay language and its powerful concepts. A New Word and Concept:  Guata  (GWAH’-tuh) Someone with Guata has personal power […]

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Meet Atatharum

Did you read about Wanataquay in my post last week?  If not, I’ve summarized it below for you. How Wanataquay is Transforming My Life First, I would like to share a personal note about how the Wanataquay energy is showing itself in my life.  Perhaps it will transform your life as well! Wanataquay is not […]

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Wanataquay Appears

A most amazing thing has happened.  An ancient energy called Wanataquay (wah-nah-tah’-kway), active in the Amazon rain forests some 2,000 years ago, has re-emerged, seeking to bring love and nobility of spirit to the human heart, to you and to me, and to again be a great force of peace and harmony on earth. Wanataquay […]

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