May 2020 Full Moon Journey

You are cordially invited to a deeply powerful event, the May 2020 Full Moon Journey, a teleconference to be held live on Thursday, May 7th at 6:30 Pacific/9:30 PM Eastern.

The live event is a gift to you, but you do need to register.  Just complete the form at the bottom of this page to sign up now. You will then receive the telephone number to call on May 7th.

If you can’t make the live event, please register anyway to receive an email telling you where to access the recording later. This recording, like the live event, will also be my gift to you.

What to Expect from the Full Moon Journey

If you have not participated in one of my Full Moon Journeys before, here’s what to expect. You will join me in a live teleconference, where I will drum, chant and go deeply into Spirit. I will then speak aloud of what I see, hear and feel on the journey—live, in the moment in which Spirit reveals it to me.

If you can, take a few minutes before the call to relax and breathe deeply. Open your heart. Know that your questions and concerns are heard and understood.

Then, during the call, just relax, allow, and be one with the experience, which will probably last about 30-40 minutes. allow yourself to go deep and resonate with all that occurs.

REGISTER NOW, while it is fresh on your mind!

I do so look forward to a deep and empowering experience with you and Spirit!

Love & Peace,

Because we are here to shine!