Out of pain and suffering and into life

Wanataquay Mandala by Cheryl Finn and Carrie Hart

Two thousand years ago and more, deep within the Amazonian rain forest, women known as Ona (oh’-nuh) would gather to call forth Wanataquay (wah-nah-tah’-kway), a gentle, loving and deeply powerful energy.   

When the great indigenous cultures of the Americas disappeared, Wanataquay withdrew. 

Now, Wanataquay has returned to lift you out of pain and suffering and into life, to calm and heal your heart, mind and body and to awaken your spirit to your full unique and individual expression.

Experience Wanataquay

Wanataquay Session with Three (3) Ona

Today’s Wanataquay Ona are women with many years of experience in multiple modalities and dimensions, including energy work, empathic understanding, sound healing, medical intuition, sacred geometry and crystals.  And they are here for you.

Three (3) Ona will gather together for a telephone Wanataquay session with you.  Three physical, powerful, experienced women will focus solely on you for approximately one hour:  

  • To reduce or eliminate your physical and emotional pain
  • To uncover and release the root causes for any imbalance and call forth a healthy response
  • To awaken your own self-healing mechanism
  • To provide you with an individual practical technique for accepting and directing the Wanataquay energy for your own continuing pain management and self-healing

Your Cost:  $333 per session

To receive your 3-Ona Wanataquay Session, pay using the button below.  Enter your time zone and general availability on your order or via an email to carriehart@msn.com .  We will then confirm a date and time for your session.

One-on-one Wanataquay Session with Carrie Hart

Wanataquay is not a system of enlightenment and spiritual ascension through meditation.  It is a call to action, a way to perceive what is noble and best in human nature and then to act, to bring that into being.

Our 45-60 minute telephone session will focus on your pure essence, that unchangeable center that knows its destiny, even though it cannot be expressed in words.  Together we will work with Wanataquay to open to understanding and activate your inner intention, clarifying your direction and empowering you to step out with confidence and purposeful action.

Your Cost:  $111 per session

To receive your One-on-One Wanataquay Session, pay using the button below.  Enter your time zone and general availability on your order or via an email to carriehart@msn.com .  I will then confirm a date and time for your session.



“Three people healing me; I don’t know how to express my appreciation.  Even over the phone, I felt the vibration of the tuning fork right in my knee. Extraordinary.  The knee itself felt so much better right after we were done.   The next morning, my knee was stiff, but you had tutored me to concentrate on the knee and send the Wanataquay healing to it. Breathing deep, redirecting the energy.  It helped.  I used that the rest of the day at work and it worked.  All Day!  I’m excited to keep working at this.  Thank you , Thank you, Thank you again.   Love, Julie”  Julie B., Pennsylvania

The session was fantastic…sooo healing. I’m quite a private person and knowing that four people are looking into ‘me’ at the same time was overwhelming at first but, after a while, I could tell from everyone’s responses that you could all ‘see’ what was going on with me. As time went on I began to feel comfortable because you could see what was there and then helped with it, which is what we all long for from the world, but often don’t get it.

I also trusted what you all said to me, because you were confirming each other.  You hear something from one person, and you think, ‘yeah maybe’ but hearing it from two, three or four people you really think this is not a coincidence!!  There was such a lovely sense of harmony from the way you all worked together and spoke together.  It was very soothing and I felt very taken care of, I felt very held.

I had the most amazing sense of community, which is something I’ve really lacked in my life.  Because it was a sense of community that ‘met me’ where I am, rather than me as a nurse, or me as a mother, or me as a daughter.  It met me as the spiritual being that I am, and I’ve never experienced that before.  It felt accepting and grounding, and very loving.  It was very healing.

I also felt a presence come in, very powerfully, during the last part of the session and it was the perfect time for this to happen. I am having so many realizations just now.  I can see the path clearly for the first time, although I can also see all the work that needs to be done.  But all the work I’ve done, and teachings that I’ve brought through, are finally coalescing into clarity.  It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve done so much work, but never been able to see the whole, and finally that is starting to happen.  Thank you. I really felt honoured to receive the healing session.  It was something quite different from a 1:1.”
Rachel G., Denmark

When I received my Wanataquay healing, it felt like a loving and gentle energy going through my body.  After the session, my body felt like it was vibrating. It was an amazing experience!”  Nilda P., Pennsylvania

Pronunciation of Wanataquay Words

Ata (ah’-tuh)

Atatharum (ah-tuh-thar-rum’, with a rolled ‘r’)

Guata (gwa’-tuh)

Ona (oh’-nuh)

Thar (th as in ‘think’, ar as in ‘car’)

Wanataquay (wah-nah-tah’-kway)


We ask you to join us as we bring Wanataquay back as an active force in the world.  We intend nothing less than the restoration of peace, harmony, truth and love on the earth.

Wanataquay Mandala by Cheryl Finn and Carrie Hart

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