Earth Survival Guide, Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This One

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to fit right in, while you are in a state of perpetual confusion?

Easy. It’s because you are not an Earthling.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to spot an Earthling
  • Learn the true meaning of Earth Terms, like “truffles” and “trophy wives”
  • Learn where you really come from and how to straighten out this place, save yourself and Earth, too
  • Learn the most important phrase for any POP to know: “Beam me up, Scottie!”

Here are the links:

Earth Survival Guide in Print

Earth Survival Guide in Kindle

The links for are above.  But if you prefer, you may also buy the print version at my estore at this link:

A Call to Greatness in Print

A Call to Greatness in Kindle

There is a Garden (Print only)

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