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CarrieJadeCrop350Are you yearning for something more?

There is more within you, more talent, more strength, more power.  And there is more surrounding you, more love and support than you can imagine.

And my job, my mission, is to help you dig deep and find that unique spark that is your truth, and to bring it forth in wonder and power, overcoming your self-doubt and moving into courage, confidence and clarity!

Your job is to commit to yourself and your journey, to take courageous action in your true direction.

Don’t worry about the years past.  You are where you need to be, right here and right now.  Let’s work together and make it happen for you.

The Ultimate Quantum Leap Retreat at Terranea

You are full of power and greatness and you can reach it and express it, in this lifetime. This is why I have created the Ultimate Quantum Leap Retreat at Terranea, as your opportunity to create a vibrant, passionate and purposeful life that goes beyond limitation, and to do it now.

For three deeply transformational, accelerated and life-altering days, you and I will dip deeply into who you are as pure Spirit, finding that compass and learning how to read it. We will drench ourselves in wisdom. We will access the truth that wants to be spoken. We will uncover the hidden depths that wish to come forward and reveal themselves.

And we will do all of this at the beautiful Terranea Resort near Los Angeles. Click here to learn more.

Direct Spirit Connections

Transform your life through personal, private sessions with Spirit.  From individual sessions to specific programs, there are excellent options to help you on your path, to heal your body and spirit, to empower you to courage and confidence, to find your own personal path of destiny and hear the messages that Spirit is waiting to deliver to you.   You are here to live a full and fulfilling life!  Allow me to help you reach it now.   Click here to learn more.


Come join me on my membership site, i-am-this.com, where we will deepen your connection with Spirit and yourself, strengthening your core, your truth and your knowledge of who you are.  Join a community of open-minded seekers in live meditative Empowerments several times each week.  It will change your life.  Guaranteed.  Click here to learn more.

Shaman Vow

You are here to express yourself and your gifts as fully as you possibly can.  It will be a lot easier to do that when you know your body shows who you truly are!

Please go to Shaman Vow to see my exciting program for the New Year, a free tutorial to combine Mind, Body and Spirit to create the lean body you yearn for.

Go to Shaman Vow now!

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