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Are you yearning for something more?

It is all within you. All the power, all the strength and creativity, all the beauty, joy and love.  All the knowledge to heal yourself.

I call myself a variety of things:  Mindfulness Coach, Spiritual Explorer & Guide, Mystic, Shaman and Energy Healer.  To me, it’s all the same thing and has the same purpose:  I study, explore, personally experience and then teach how to use the Mind-Body-Spirit connection to create a joyful life of health, prosperity, fulfilment and love. 

I would love to have the privilege of joining you on your journey to your sacred self, to the greatness within you that yearns for expression, to the inner light that longs to shine out brightly.

Click here to learn more about my personal journey.

This summer, my husband and I packed up the cats and everything else and moved from Los Angeles to the Wilds of Western Pennsylvania.  I’m having such fun doing my work in person as well as on-line.  Here’s what’s up:

  • Go to Classes & Events to find out about my drum circle, meditation classes, talks on Mindfulness and One-woman show, all in person in Dubois, PA
  • Go to Private Pathfinder Sessions to sign up for a personal telephone session with me, for deep guidance and energy work.

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And don’t forget to go to the amazing Power Animals Unleashed site to get just the right Power Animal to energize and empower you for any and every occasion.  Go there every morning for the day’s guidance and empowerment.

And enjoy!  What an exciting journey it is!


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