Sojourner in Ataquay: Mind-Expanding Ideas and Practical Tools for the Open-Minded Seeker of a Meaningful Life.

Paperback and Kindle now available on amazon

Amazon bestselling author, former Vice President of a Fortune 50 company, and spiritual explorer extraordinaire Carrie Hart reveals how to access profound guidance that can lead to a joyful, vibrant and meaningful life, no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs.

As Carrie Hart shares in her book, “When we signal a willingness to venture into Ataquay, amazing things begin to happen.”

In Sojourner in Ataquay, Carrie explains that we all visit Ataquay (AH-tuh-kway), that land of intuition in which we know and act from our inner truth. She offers a clear framework for entering Ataquay at will, and guides us to go beyond our fears and doubts—past the noise and pain that interfere with our ability to find our true path.

Carrie shares her personal adventures in Ataquay and then builds on those experiences to inspire us to fulfill our own deep desires. She calls it “the place I love most in the world.” And now, through Sojourner in Ataquay, you are invited to join her there.

 The book includes Carrie’s Toolkit for Vibrant Living that lets us put her creative, healing wisdom to work with easy-to-follow practices and time-tested techniques to create deep inner joy and peace. With Carrie’s more than 25 years as a channeler, teacher and spiritual coach, she deepens our understanding of how we walk a path of destiny through a universe that is actively weaving a web of connections—and she gives us the tools to consciously and purposefully enhance that journey, and create a meaningful life.

See some of the amazon reviews below:

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful journey to the other side of grief

Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2022

Carrie Hart shares her journey of finding her spirituality and living in the moment through connection to Ataquay, the metaphorical place where we connect with something larger than ourselves. I especially enjoyed the chapter on grief. We’ve all had a lot of grief in the last couple of years of the pandemic, losing loved people, places, and cherished experiences. Carrie Hart’s perspective on how to feel and then let go of our grief while we stay forever connected to our loved ones really resonated with me. The toolkit is great — it provides tools for putting Carrie Hart’s metaphysical ideas into practice. I’m not a religious person but I learned so much from her approach to spirituality.

The book is beautifully written, easy to read, and meticulously edited.

Highly recommend!


5.0 out of 5 stars The Journey of a Life

Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2022

Ms. Hart has written a delightful book about the spiritual, personal, and musical life. This book is good material for those searching for a pathway through the darkness of modern, cataclysmic culture. Through meditation, personal insight, and that wonder of wonders Quado, Ms Hart achieves a level of personal enlightment that most of us would be more than happy to attain. A good read, laced with personal history, a history of grief, love, and solitude. Recommended for those on a journey of their own.

Paperback and Kindle now available on amazon

EDISMS Revealed, The Wit and Wisdom of Edward C. Hart, Edited by Carrie Hart

Ed was truly the wittiest person you were ever likely to meet.  He just saw the world differently and let us all in on his truly off-beat take.

For years, Carrie wrote down the weird and wonderful things Ed said.  Finally, she dug through her cocktail napkins, scraps of paper and post-its, illustrated her favorites with photos from Ed’s gargoyle collection and produced this book.

Here’s one gem:

The problem inherent in all self-help books is that you are being helped by someone who doesn’t know what to do.

And another:

Ed:  What’s that book about?

Carrie:  Spiritual growth.

Ed:  I had that once, but I had it cut off.

“Thank you, Ed, for 46 years of love and laughter.  I’m so glad I collected all those scraps of paper.  (And I have enough for another book, too!)”  Carrie

It is now available in both Paperback and Kindle versions on amazon.

A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take

This is a personal story of part of Carrie’s spiritual journey, how she moved from skepticism into belief, and a more in-depth exploration of her relationships with Jesus, Quado and Running Wolf.

It is an invitation for you to set forth on your own journey, permission for you to be just as far out on the edge as you care to be and as Spirit leads you to be.  Let’s go!

The book is available in both Paperback and Kindle versions.



Earth Survival Guide 2020, Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This One (At Least Through 2020)

As with the Earth Survival Guide published 3 years earlier, the satirical premise of Earth Survival Guide 2020 (ESG2020 for short) is that life here on Earth is so confusing because, in fact, we are not from around here; hence the subtitle: Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This One (At Least Through 2020).

ESG2020 addresses recent events, particularly the rise to power of the highly dangerous GRABs (Greedy Racist Aggressive Bullies) and BUFs (Blind Unthinking Followers). As a political/sociological satire, ESG2020 walks right on the edge between laugh-out-loud humor and deeply serious intent.

Let ESG2020 help you cope with this life here on Earth, both through laughter and a deeper understanding of what is truly going on around us. In ESG2020 Guide 2020, you will:

  • Learn if you are one of the POPs (People from Other Planets) or an Earthling (Does Earth life make absolutely no sense at all? Then you’re probably a POP.)
  • Learn to identify and deal with the dreaded GRABs (Greedy Racist Aggressive Bullies) and BUFs (Blind Unthinking Followers)
  • Explore the Survival Bible, a Glossary of Earth Terms, covering such broad, baffling topics as Religion, Money, Patriotism and Modern Medicine and the true meaning of terms like Me Too, Sexual Identity and Kleptocracy

The book is available in both Paperback and Kindle

Earth Survival Guide, Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This One

I wrote this book in 2016, back in the days of innocence, before the GRABs and BUFs took over.

It is really two books in one.  The first half, which is a tongue-in-cheek look at our crazy society, flowed right out of my frustration that some people seem to fit right in, while I am in a state of perpetual confusion.  All of it, from truffles to trophy wives, just seems so impossible to understand!

So I came to the obvious conclusion:  I must be from another planet!  If you find this world as confusing as I do, it may well be because you are not an Earthling, either.  Readers who share my view of the absurd tell me that they laughed out loud at my observations.  Others, I fear, just shook their heads.  (Oh, well.  They were probably Earthlings…)

So after making fun of our lives, and supplying you with some handy survival hints (like the most important phrase for you to know:  “Beam me up, Scottie!”), I felt I needed to present another view, a way out, a possible cure for this madness which is life on Earth.

So in the second half, I introduce the Power Animals in more depth, including which power animals to turn to for which survival characteristics.  I also offer some practical tools to help you be centered and calm in the midst of all this madness.  And I do all this within the story of how the Power Animals came to Earth.

Earth Survival Guide is available in both Paperback and Kindle versions.

There is a Garden, A Song in Spiritual Time

This was my first book, about the start of my spiritual journey.

It is currently out of print.  But you can read a summary of my journey on the About page of this site.

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