Guided Meditations by Carrie Hart

Below are four guided meditations I recorded for you. They are soothing and powerful antidotes to an overactive mind and emotions.  All you need to do is relax and listen quietly every day.  Then watch your life calm down and begin to transform.

Chakra Meditation

I learned this Chakra Meditation during a meditation retreat with Deepak Chopra.  Just relax and listen as I guide you up your chakras.   I will repeat 4 words at each chakra, each word 4 times.  The meditation takes 31 minutes.

Here are the words:

Chakra 1:  Tailbone, Color Red

Flexibility, Transformation, Coherence, Stability

Chakra 2:  Reproductive Organs, Color Orange

Purity, Nourishment, Charm, Merging

Chakra 3:  Solar Plexus, Color Yellow

Desire, Intention, Will, Destiny

Chakra 4:  Heart, Color Green (traditional) or Pink (my personal preference)

Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love

Chakra 5:  Throat, Color Blue

Creativity, Affluence, Abundance, Discernment

Chakra 6:  Third-Eye, Color Indigo (a dark blue)

Integration, Truth, Unboundedness, Knowingness

Chakra 7:  Crown of Head, Color Violet or White

Infinity, Immortality, Holiness, Enlightenment

Quado Meditations

The three meditations below were channeled from Quado.

The Forgiveness Meditation helps you give yourself the great gift of gentle and loving forgiveness, of others and of yourself, for what was done as well as what was left undone.  It removes the stone of unforgiveness from your heart so that you can live the joyful life you deserve. The recording is 23 minutes long.

The Self-Love Meditation reminds you how deeply you deserve the love that is showered upon you.  It helps you love and respect yourself and feel and know your connection with all that is.  The recording is 21 minutes long.

The Renewal Meditation is a deep cellular energy cleansing, clearing away fear and negative energies and allowing you to establish new, healthy life patterns. The recording is 24 minutes long.

Background Music for Meditation

Soothing Caress is meditation background music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke that I licensed for your use. This recording lasts 30 minutes.

Use this recording as a timed background for a silent mantra meditation.

The Wayne Dyer I AM Meditation uses the tuning forks developed by James Twyman and Jonathan Goldman, mathematically calibrated to the Name of God (I Am That). The recording is 21 minutes long.




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