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A friend recently asked me if I would again share the Quado messages that I received for so many years.  So I went into my archives and started rereading.  Oh my, they are so beautiful, uplifting and inspiring—how they open my heart!  In fact, I believe they are exactly what we need now.  And so, I have posted a series of them on the Quado Messages page.  I hope they bring you peace and joy.

Below is the story of how the Quado messages came to me.

In the  mid-1990’s, I was just beginning my fledgling spiritual explorations.  A friend had given me Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and I was going down to the garden with my journal book every morning to write my Daily Pages, as suggested in the book.

Then I read You Are Psychic!, by Pete Sanders.  He suggests a particular exercise to promote what he calls your sense of intuitive hearing.  Every morning, you get out a pen and paper, breathe down to a peaceful state, and then ask for a Word for the Day.  Then you write down the very first word that pops into your mind.  Since I was already journaling every morning, asking for a word for the day couldn’t have been simpler.

And it was just like Sanders said it would be:  the word or phrase I wrote down in the morning would show up in mysterious and unexpected ways during the day.  For example, I might get a phrase like “stay calm” in the morning only to find that someone really upset me later that day.  Then I would remember my morning word and handle the situation better than I might have.

As I continued this exercise, I began to get lengthy messages in response to my morning request.  Instead of just a few words, I would get a page full of very good advice.  I began to call the voices I heard in my head ‘My Angels’ and started asking specific questions about what I should do.  I found that if I asked open-ended questions like “How shall I handle this problem?” that I would often get surprisingly deep and true answers, unlike my usual thinking patterns.  I began taking the advice with excellent results.

I told a friend what was happening, and she said, “Oh, you’re channeling.”  Channeling?  What was that?    So I looked it up on the internet and sure enough, that’s apparently what I was doing.

Soon I began asking questions on behalf of my girlfriends.  One day, I asked a question for a friend who had some serious legal problems.  When the answer came, it was in a new voice.  Rather than the high, ethereal voice of My Angels, this voice had more gravitas.  And the answer had a definite resonance of deep wisdom.

The next day, when I went to the garden, that same voice responded to my inquiries.  So I asked:  “Who are you?”  And the answer came:  “I am Quado.”

This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  Every morning I would go to the garden, open my journal and begin writing as the words flowed into my mind.  We would always begin like this:

“Quado, are you there?”

“Yes, Carrie.  I am here.  I will always be here.”

“What message do you have for me today, Quado?”

And then would pour forth the most marvelous messages, one each day.  They were always positive and loving.  I began sharing them on the internet and Quado gradually gained a following.  At this time, I chose not to read spiritual works or channelings by other people; I wanted to make sure I was getting just what was flowing to me without any mental filter or interjection.

Quado was my introduction to the concepts of spirituality applied to real life.  Every morning, I sat on a particular garden bench for my Quado messages, a curved stone bench with azalea bushes wrapping behind it, overlooking a rose garden.  I recall that the azaleas bloomed in November, when white blossoms surrounded me as I scribbled away, opening a pathway to a new kind of knowledge, a way I had never viewed life before.

I continued receiving and sharing Quado messages for over ten years.  By then the voice and energy that is Quado was so completely absorbed into my own being that it simply showed itself within and behind everything I did.

For example, as I later did shamanic work with Running Wolf and the Power Animals, I always knew that Quado was there with me helping to interpret my experiences.  And whenever I did a private reading, Quado was always a presence within me as I spoke aloud of what comes from Spirit.

And now, I am delighted to again share some of the Quado Messages I received.

Welcome to the joy, love and peace that is Quado!

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