Private Pathfinder Session

Your Pathfinder Session will open you to your potential for full empowerment and transformation, beginning right now.

“Carrie, you deeply touched and sparked something inside of me.  You helped me feel my authentic self.”  –Carmen 

Your Pathfinder Session will illuminate your deepest truth and strengthen your inner clarity.

“I feel very blessed by our session!  It shifted events this week in a miraculous way!”  —Tany

Your Pathfinder Session will make you feel cleansed and powerful, freed from the burdens that have been holding you back. 

“That session was truly amazing.  I have never felt so ‘seen’, so validated and so loved.  What more can one person do for another than what you did for me last week?  I can’t think what it would be.”  –Natasha S.

A Pathfinder Session can change your life.

Your path, your power.

“WOW, Carrie – I just re-listened to our last session together and it was as deeply and profoundly moving to me today as it was the first time.  I just wanted to you know what an incredible gift you are to our entire world and universe, and to me!!” —Debbie

Your Guide

As a Pathfinder for more than 25 years, I will be your honored guide as we shine a light on your true life path.

Our journey will last as long as the wisdom flows, on the phone or Zoom.  It will be recorded so you can listen again, any time you desire.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, I will be pleased to work with you in person.

Your cost is $2,500.

After you pIace your order, I will contact you via email to set up your appointment.

I look forward to journeying with you soon!

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