“Become one with the river”

Today would be a wonderful day to immerse yourself completely in what is, to align yourself with what is actually happening around you and what is heading your way.

In this river of life, you are where you are.  If you float looking backwards, yearning for opportunities lost and events and relationships long past, you will lose awareness of the current moment and what is immediately ahead of you.  So right now, today, turn around and consciously let go of the past.  Just let it go.  For you see, you are moving forward no matter what you do, and there is peril in moving forward without awareness.

First, become aware of the current in the river.  These currents are opportunities to use the power of life and circumstance with little effort on your part.  If you can sense a current, all you need to do is dip down your arm as a tiller and gently relax into the flow and it will propel you along with it.  Know, too, that the force of a particular current can also be used to propel yourself out of it, if you use its force and then simply turn your tiller at the right time.

So begin with this, the knowledge of where you are in your life and the forces that are around you.  As you do this, be certain to engage your center, your heart of rightness, to feel the current.  It requires that you let go completely of what you had wanted to be true and instead come to understand what is true.  And this is all known deep inside, if you will but stop resisting the truth your own heart and center are telling you.

And now, with a full awareness of what is, take a look out to the immediate future.  See if there is a fork in the river ahead and if one side looks more desirable than another.  A few powerful strokes could position you so that you are carried easily where you wish to go.

And listen carefully as well.  Do you hear the rapids approaching?  Can you make any choices to avoid them or are you going to be carried to them, regardless of what you do?   If so, prepare yourself by moving into a state of relaxed awareness.  The way to go through the rapids is to become one with the turbulent water, to become so closely connected to it, that you are reacting instantly and by instinct, not requiring conscious thought.  Become so attuned that you are a part of all that is, even though it was not what you had desired.  It is what it is and this is what you must respond to.  If you try to fight the current or even cling to a rock, you will simply become worn down, and when you eventually lose your grip, you will not be strong enough to respond quickly.

Instead, let yourself be one with what is.  Do not resist it.  The more you become one with what is, the more your intuitive senses will take over and tell you to twist and turn at the right moment to reach the calm river on the other side.

And know, too, that the rapids never last forever.  Just do what you need to do now and know that there will be an end to it, know that you will one day find again a calm stretch of river, a time to roll over on your back and gaze up at a few fluffy clouds as they drift lazily across the sky, while you just relax and regain your strength.

And after you drift for a while, then look around, release your attachment to the rapids you have just traversed and become aware of this new spot in the river in which you find yourself.  Feel its more subtle currents, become aware of what it contains and where it is heading.

Yes, this is life, always changing, always challenging, always an adventure.  Ah, how fortunate you are!

I Am This Today

I am deeply aware of all that I am and all that surrounds me.  I go deeply into a connection with life and feel its flows, its currents.  I release all that was and allow myself to be one with what is, completely and peacefully.

I feel myself align with what is.  If feel myself relax into a deep awareness of life, its opportunities, its flows.

I am one with the great river of life.  I am peaceful acceptance and a deep, relaxed awareness.  I am.

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