Daily Quado: Set pride aside and just live

“Set pride aside and just live”

Today, I would speak of pride.  If you look back on your life, you can see numerous times when your pride interfered with doing what was actually in your own best interests.

Perhaps it would have been best to be more respectful toward your boss.  Perhaps it would have been best to take that demotion for a time and allow yourself to learn something new.  Perhaps it would have been better for you in the long term if you had allowed your spouse to win a few of those arguments. Perhaps you would still have that friend if you had not become so offended at what she said.

And right now, your life could be much calmer and more peaceful, and more successful in the end, if you were to set pride aside and just live.

For what is pride?  What does it mean to be offended, to be angry or hurt because you feel that someone else has acted arrogantly or thoughtlessly toward you, even though no real harm was done?  What is this part of you that rises up in anger, that flares out and says the wrong thing, perhaps even something that hurts you and your relationships in the long term?

It is a desire to feel that you are worthwhile.  It is a desire to be acknowledged for your gifts, to be seen as someone important.  And all of this desire, this need, to be acknowledged as worthwhile by others stems from a flickering flame inside, instead of a strong, warm glow of self-love, confidence and centered peace.

If you are truly secure in who you are and the love you bear for yourself, as well as the love and support that is there for you in the universe, then there is no need to flare out in anger at every perceived affront.  Instead, you can bear the little insults like fleeting ripples in a pond, knowing that the other people are just trying to do what you are trying to do, seeking acknowledgement that they are worthwhile, seeking to overcome a deep fear that underneath it all they are insignificant, they are nothing at all.

If you can learn to go to your center and find your worth there, instead of looking for it to be mirrored to you from others outside, you can establish a peaceful relationship with the people in your life.  You can learn to glow with confidence, to handle difficult situations with grace, to celebrate inner victories even as there is a perceived defeat on the outside.

For every time you learn something, you have won.  Every time you grow stronger and more peaceful inside, you have won.  Every time you can take a deep breath and center yourself into now, this moment, you have won.  And all of these little internal victories add up over time and form a life that is peaceful, loving and fulfilling, rather than one that is a continual battle for dominance and stature, position and external power.

I Am This Today

Today, I am centered deeply within myself, and I find there all of the peace, love and approval that I require.  I know who I am and I am comfortable with myself.  I love and approve of myself completely.

Today, I maintain my peaceful center.  I know that all love, peace, happiness and joy comes from my own center, from my deep connection with all that is.  I let the little events of the day flow over me, like little ripples in a pond, as I go deep into the heart of what is.

I am peace.  I am love.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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