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Daily Quado: Become one with the river

“Become one with the river” Today would be a wonderful day to immerse yourself completely in what is, to align yourself with what is actually happening around you and what is heading your way. In this river of life, you are where you are.  If you float looking backwards, yearning for opportunities lost and events […]

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Daily Quado: Set pride aside and just live

“Set pride aside and just live” Today, I would speak of pride.  If you look back on your life, you can see numerous times when your pride interfered with doing what was actually in your own best interests. Perhaps it would have been best to be more respectful toward your boss.  Perhaps it would have […]

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Daily Quado: Plan for the seasons, but live now

“Plan for the seasons, but live now” Today, I wish to speak of your relationship to your future and to planning. We have spoken much of living in the moment, of being in this moment now and finding your peace and joy here, rather than expecting it through the future unfolding of your plans.  And […]

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