Daily Quado: Step into this moment as if you were walking into the heart of a beautiful rose

“Step into this moment as if you were walking into the heart of a beautiful rose”

Step into this moment as if you were walking into the heart of a beautiful rose.  First, watch as it unfolds as you approach.  Look around in wonder as the various colors reveal themselves to you.  Step in further as the petals unfold, as their perfume wafts out and surrounds you.  Go deeper and deeper, sometimes lifting a bit of pink petal to see what is underneath.  Look at every vein on every petal.  See how the petals change colors as they open to the sun.

Go deeper and deeper, venturing in.  Watch how each petal unfurls easily to allow you entrance, until finally you are at the heart of the flower, where you can feel the power of beingness flow in through the stem, where you can feel the vibrancy of life and creation.

Breathe it in, experience it.  Be one within this moment, and suddenly the flower disappears and you are within the great all.

The gateway to the highest state you wish to attain is through this moment now.  It is attained right now by letting this moment unfold to you, by letting it envelop you so completely that you are within the heart of the moment fully, all else gone, and then it reveals to you that it is the entire universe, that this one unfolding rose of the moment is all that is and ever was and ever will be.

And when you then float into the greatness which is the connection, which is the all, you find there the ultimate truth: that at this level, the level attained by walking in through the rose, all is love, all is peace, all is joy, and all is one.

I Am This Today

I allow this moment to unfold before me and I enter in.  I immerse myself completely in what is, right now.  I walk into this moment so deeply that all else disappears and I am one with it, completely and fully.

I am one with all that is.  I am within the heart of the great being that is.  I am love and peace and joy.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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