Quantum Leap Retreat at Terranea


Three Consciousness-Shifting, Awareness-Expanding Days

Just you, Carrie and Spirit at Terranea

  • Do you just know, deep in your heart, that you are meant for more than what your life has been so far?
  • Do you ever wish time would just stop for a few days, so that you could catch your breath and figure out how to make the shift you know is there for you?
  • Do you feel you are on the verge of breaking through, if only you could find the time, space and loving support to lift yourself to the next level of awareness?

You are full of power and greatness and you can reach it and express it, in this lifetime. This is why I have created the Ultimate Quantum Leap Retreat at Terranea, as your opportunity to create a vibrant, passionate and purposeful life that goes beyond limitation, and to do it now.


The Ultimate Quantum Leap Retreat at Terranea

Quantum Leap is a term from quantum physics that refers to taking an explosive, yet effortless, leap from one state to another without going through the incremental steps. It is you, jumping into uncharted territory, guided only by your inner compass.Bungalow Patio-2

For three deeply transformational, accelerated and life-altering days, you and I will dip deeply into who you are as pure Spirit, finding that compass and learning how to read it. We will drench ourselves in wisdom. We will access the truth that wants to be spoken. We will uncover the hidden depths that wish to come forward and reveal themselves.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”   The Gnostic Gospels

You will spend 4 nights and 3 full days at Terranea in a spacious, 1100-foot Ocean View Bungalow overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I live just 15 minutes away, so you’ll have the place all to yourself every night and my company every day.

Terranea (terra-nay’-uh) is just 30 minutes south of the Los Angeles airport (LAX). To see more photos of Terranea, go to http://www.terranea.com/los-angeles-resort-photos .terranea spa outside lounge-3

I will join you every day, all day, as we reframe ideas and patterns, opening levels of possibility and understanding as we reach beyond conventional reason to envision your Quantum Leap into a beautiful, joyous and fulfilling life.

When we are not deeply communing with Spirit, we will dip our toes in the Pacific and walk along the cliffs overlooking the ocean.  We will allow the ocean breeze to clear our minds and spirits and bring us to a vision unclouded by old ways of being, thinking and conditioning.

I will stock the bungalow kitchen with whatever special food you require to feel clean and clear, vibrationally aligned with the limitless possibilities we bring forth.  When and if you wish, we can also eat at the Terranea restaurants.  You will have access to the Terranea Spa whirlpool, sauna and lounge and can book special treatments as well.

And at the end of the three days, where will you be? Ready to return to your life with clarity, confidence and commitment, positioned in a new level of awareness and poised to create an amazing life, no matter what it takes!

Watch this 2-minute video below to hear how Linda Riddle felt about her Terranea retreat, how it delivered on the promise to lift her into a new level.


How This Came to Be

Several years ago, I did a guided meditation to identify my Authentic Customer, the person I am here to serve. It was a very powerful experience, one that I have never forgotten and that I journaled in detail.

I went into a forest clearing and sat at a table for two. A woman walked into the clearing and sat across from me. She said her name was Naomi. I asked her about herself.

Naomi said that she had played the roles she was raised to play, but that something was missing. She just knew there had to be more. She was seeking depth, meaning and direction and wanted to live the last half of her life with zest and enthusiasm, learning and growing every step of the way.

I asked her how I could help. She told me she wanted my focused and complete attention. She wanted me to lead her to her greatness.

She said:terranea-aerial-4

“I want to spend three days of intense time with you and walk out a truly changed person. I want you to take me to the next level. I want to be transformed into a person who has a purpose, who is full of energy, who loves life.

“I want to know that there is a reason for me to be here and I want to feel it in my toes. I want to be lifted energetically into the best version of myself. I want to spend three days with you and walk away a completely new person, one who will never be the same again.”

Now is the Time!

It took me some years to be absolutely confident that I could deliver what Naomi requested so specifically, years I spent providing clients with direct access to Spirit and learning how to combine it with my own deep life experience.

And of course, I also had to find exactly the right place to go for three days: Terranea!

I am now absolutely certain that I am meant to deliver Naomi’s promise. All of the different things I’ve done suddenly make sense when they are combined with Spirit to create an utterly unique personal experience for you.spa-2

  • If you have the heart of an artist, the singer/songwriter and author within me will show you how to win the struggle against self-doubt, reach your greatness and blossom forth into the world
  • If you are called to leadership, my experiences as a Fortune 50 Vice President will help you be both compassionate and effective in your organization, as we work with Spirit to understand your coworkers and what they truly want and need from you
  • If you are a conscious entrepreneur, I can help you develop life/business vision and strategy, your branding and marketing model, as well as navigate the world of publishing books, producing videos, blogging, social media and speaking, all while practicing abundance manifestation
  • If you are a giver and receiver of healing, I can open and hold a space for your healing as well as share my skills as an Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki Master, sound healer, meditation teacher (Japa, mantra and visualization) and EFT (tapping) practitioner
  • If you seek to lift into the next level and dimension of spiritual connection, I will channel the loving and benevolent energies that wish to show themselves to you, as well as working with Jesus (Yeshua), angels and archaBungalow-Living-Room-Patio-4ngels, shamans, power animals and Quado.

How to Make it Happen for You 

Does The Ultimate Quantum Leap Retreat at Terranea speak to your heart and soul?  

Check in with your intuition and then write me at carriehart@msn.com to schedule a complimentary call to discuss whether the retreat is right for you.

I can’t wait to spend three days with you, just you and me and Spirit, opening to whatever it is that wishes to come forth in your life!

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