Thank You for Joining the Morning Meditation

Here’s the information to join the event live–Please Bookmark this page

The event will take place every morning from Monday, April 27th through Sunday, May 3rd, at 6:30 AM Pacific / 9:30 AM Eastern. (To determine when the event will occur in your time zone, please go to and convert from Los Angeles, California to your location.)

When the time comes, dial this number: (978) 990-5418

Enter Access code: 559307#

Please note that this is a call to the eastern United States and long distance charges will apply. If you are not set up for free telephone calls, please consider using a Skype prepaid call, which is very inexpensive.

I will send you a link for the recording on the day after the event, but I do hope you will bring your energy to the live event–it matters!

What to Expect

You will join me in a live teleconference. I recommend you call in 5-10 minutes early to connect and then settle in comfortably. Have a blanket and some water handy. You may sit or lie down (but do try to stay awake!).

This will be a channeled meditation, which simply means that I will chant for a time, go deeply into Spirit, and then speak aloud of what comes to me—live, in the moment.

You will just relax, close your eyes, and be one with the experience, which will probably last about 30-40 minutes.  Allow yourself to go deep and resonate with all that occurs.

I will have the lines muted, so don’t worry if you need to join late or leave early; you won’t disturb the call.

Thank you again for joining me–I look forward to feeling your energy every morning for 7 days!

Love & peace,



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