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Daily Angel Visualization for These Times

This visualization will take you under 5 minutes a day.  It is, of course, not a substitute for being careful and taking precautions when you leave the house. It is adding a layer of love and protection that you may find comforting, as well as awakening your intuition.

Remember: fear blocks your intuitive discernment and compromises your health; love clears your vision, opens you to guidance and builds your immune system.

Read the following visualization to yourself. You may find that reading it aloud helps keep you focused. As you read, picture the vision presented.

To begin, take three deep breaths. If you like, you may breathe in to a count of 6, hold for 4, then out for 6.

I am deeply relaxed. I am open and receptive. I feel my resistance fall away.

Above my head, I see an angel appear, full of golden light. She is joined by other angels who surround me. They are so bright, I can hardly make them out. They sing to me. How beautiful they are!

The angel above my head has a golden, glowing pitcher full of pure love and light. She begins to pour it out over me now.

It shimmers with health and wonder. It is the God-essence made liquid. It is the Oneness. It is purity and beauty. It is goodness. It is hope and joy. It shimmers with its own potential.

And of course, it is healing, ultimate healing. And it flows slowly, slowly, down to me.

I feel it as it covers the crown of my head. It is cool and soothing. All of my thoughts grow calm and quiet.   A great silence descends. I take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief for this peace that now fills my mind.

The liquid of love and light covers my third eye. As it does so, a bright beam of light shines into my mind, a light of knowing, a light of truth. I breathe deeply, allowing this light of wisdom to flow into me.

Now the flow continues to move down my body, slowly, slowly, and as it does so, it leaves a coating, a glowing coat of light and love on my energetic body. It moves down and down, covering my neck and shoulders, flowing down my arms and torso, covering my heart and center, coating me completely as it goes. Now it flows down my hips, my thighs, knees and calves. It covers my feet, top and bottom.

I am now glowing with light and love, health and oneness, shimmering with joy and wonder.

I ask that I may go through my life today, full of joy, completely free from fear, fully aware and using my powers of discernment to decide what is safe to do and what is not. I stay calm and centered, breathing deeply, opening my third eye to the beam of wisdom that is always there.  

Now a golden glow of love and light begins growing in my heart. It grows bigger and bigger and covers me completely. It grows even wider until I am shining several inches, several feet, out from my body.

I am love and light. Today, I will glow from my heart of love and send it out into the world, reaching further and further, filling the world with love.

And now, I give thanks for this life I cherish and wish that others may feel all the love I send them. Namaste.

I hope this visualization is helpful to you. 

I send you my love and my wishes for you to experience peace and joy, even in these difficult times.

Love & peace,