Daily Quado: Each loving act, as small as it may seem, has enormous power

“Each loving act, as small as it may seem, has enormous power”

Today is such a wonderful day, a perfect day, and you are perfect within it, exactly as you are. There are no clouds that need mar your sky, no dire worries to dog your steps as you walk along your path.  Everything is exactly as it should be as you set out on this walk today.

And yet, you wonder how this can be, with so many problems in the world, with things so obviously out of balance.  But yet, the act of living is an act of setting into balance.  It is not a static state, in which you achieve one thing and then spend the rest of your life trying to make it hold still.  It is constant movement, constant balancing, constant change and growth.  And as this grows, that decays.  As this part begins its season, this older part is ending its season.  Wave after wave of change.

And in your one little lifetime, you have change, you have seasons, you have growth and learning, and then this little lifetime is over.  And in the larger sweep of things, there are larger patterns, longer seasons, great sweeps of energy and change.

Change and growth are often painful.  And change and growth are often resisted.  And yet, by definition, change is inevitable.  And so there is this constant battle by people, within each little lifetime and in the larger sweep of history, to fight to hang on to what they have:  their beliefs, religions, cultures, ways of being and understanding of what is, even as larger changes sweep over them, inevitably changing the way things are.

And what are you to do with all of this?  Step back and see it in a larger context.  Realize that this one little battle that rages around you may be nothing in the larger sweep of time.  Do what you can, but do not agonize over it.  Do what you can within the circle of influence that you have, and do not agonize over things that fall far outside your influence.  And if you are able to gain more influence, then you can have a larger circle of activity and focus.  But to sit powerless and agonize is simply a foolish waste of time.

And remember, too, that each loving act, as small as it may seem, has enormous power.  Clearing your mind and acting in all of your dealings with others with compassion and caring causes a ripple effect, person to person, which greatly expands.  And so your one little act of kindness may be a way of greatly increasing the number of people who felt love today.

For in the end, love is the answer.  In the end, it is the light that will drive away the shadows of fear.  In the end, you can fight fear only with love, you can fight darkness only with light, and it is well within your power to do this, every day, every moment, in every thought and action within your world.

I Am This Today

I am made of love and light and I shine, ever and always, sharing my light and my love with the world around me.

I know the power of love and I choose to use it in every contact I have with another person.  I love myself deeply, and pulling from this deep well of love for myself, I find that I am able to share compassion and love with everyone else.  I know myself as love and derive my great power from this knowledge, from this being.

I am peace.  I am love.  I am light.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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