“Let courage become your constant companion”

Today, I would speak of courage.  You have this within you.  You have within you the ability to face down fear as it stands before you and act with courage.  And so, for a moment, let us look at fear and at courage and see what you can do to enhance your response.

First, let us look at fear.  Fear is a phantom, a darkness which is the absence of light.  It surrounds you when your glow is not strong enough.  Fear will appear to move toward you actively, but it is really just that you are retracting your light.  If you increase your light and love, fear has no choice but to retreat.

And so courage, then, is this.  Courage is the ability to feel the presence of fear and yet to shine brightly from within, to glow with love and light and faith, no matter what the circumstances.

Fear may be surrounding you for many different reasons.  You may, in fact, be in some danger.  But you may only be in imagined danger, where either your own imagination or that of others has made you afraid.  Sometimes it is simply general anxiety, a state which many people are pleased to have you within, either because it help them gain power or because it helps them make money.

But regardless of the cause, if the danger is real or imagined, coming largely from within or enforced from without, the remedy is the same.  For know this:  fear is not your friend.  Fear paralyzes you and makes you unable to think clearly or act with resolution.  Truth is your friend.  Go deep within and find out if there is real danger, and if there is, act from your deep intuitive center, taking swift and true action, action which feels a part of the flow, which is driven from an inner knowing.

And if there is no actually danger, but merely anxiety, worry about the future or circumstances which are challenging you to open to some thing new in the world or yourself, then take a deep breath, go deep into your center and light your light.  Ask for your central glow of love and light to spread out.  Ask to glow from your center of truth.  Open the crown of your head and allow your higher self to our in.  Ask angels to surround you with their strength.  Glow brightly and then just do the thing you fear.

Amazing things will happen if you will begin to conquer fear through courageous action.  If you step up in front of that group of people and speak, for example, you will feel proud of yourself for overcoming fear, and the next time it will be easier, and the time after that, easier still.  And someday you may even learn to enjoy the experience, the exhilaration of doing something that helps you become stronger.

Fear always backs down in the face of action, always.  But when you cower, fear grows greater and greater, and each encounter weakens you.  Instead, let each encounter with fear make you stronger.  Let courage become your constant companion.

I Am This Today

I welcome courage into my heart.  I open myself to the new and exciting, I open myself to my life, full of light and love, glowing with all that is good.

I am strong and capable.  I am full of courage.  I am glowing with light and love.  I am.

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