Below are the Wanataquay words introduced in Carrie Hart’s book, Sojourner in Ataquay.   The pronunciation of each word is included.

Wanataquay (wah-nuh-TAH’-kway)

This is the name of the energy that Carrie brought back through a blue portal in 2017.  It was once active in the Amazonian rain forest, two thousand years ago and more.  When the great indigenous cultures of the Americans disappeared, Wanataquay withdrew.

Since 2017, Wanatquay has been learning how things are on Earth now and determining the best way to effectively accomplish its mission of bringing forth what is noble and best in human nature.

What Wanataquay has determined is that YOU are the answer; you are the method and the tool; you are the savior that the world is waiting for.

Ona (OH’-nuh

Thousands of years ago, priestesses known as Ona would gather in a circle on an island in the Amazon to call forth Wanataquay energy.  They would hold hands around the column of bright golden light that is Wanataquay, inviting it to bless their community with health, abundance and well-bring.

The same word, Ona, is used for the singular (one Ona) and the plural (many Ona).

Ataquay (AH’-tuh-kway’)

Ataquay is a place of expanded and shared consciousness, an energetic field beyond ordinary time and space, where everything that is, was and will be exists in a state of pregnant possibility.  Ataquay is the mysterious land we visit with our intuition and in our dreams, where serendipity and coincidence are the norm and profound guidance is ours for the taking.

Aiyama (eye-YAH’-muh)

Aiyama is your eternal, non-physical self, who resides fully and completely in Ataquay, who sees all and knows all, across time and space. The concept of Aiyama exists in many belief systems, where it may be known variously as soul, higher self, spirit, true self, or the witness. If Ataquay were the night sky, your Aiyama would be one of the stars in that sky.

Before you were born into this finite life on earth, you existed as Aiyama. You still exist as Aiyama, even if you are not consciously aware of that aspect of yourself. You will always exist as Aiyama.

Lhamata (lah-MAH’-tuh)

Lhamata is the state of altered consciousness you enter as a conscious sojourner into Ataquay.

It is The Zone, a state of present moment awareness combined with heightened intuition and enhanced capability.

Our ultimate goal as fully-realized humans during this lifetime is to experience Lhamata as much as possible while remaining aware and conscious of our physical surroundings, thus able to take the deep knowledge of Ataquay and turn it into effective action.

When we are in the state of Lhamata, we know who we are now and can sense the next step to take with confidence and inner knowing; we feel connected and full of purpose.

When you are in Lhamata, there is no conflict and you are in your greatest peace as well as your greatest power.

Tatanqua (tah-TONG’-kwah)

A Tatanqua is an energetic presence of greatness and power that is also you, your vast potential and endlessly-expanding possibilities, made tangible in energetic form. She is the energy of your highest self, your Aiyama, brought down closer to earth, to work with you here. She is a powerful helper, but in her presence, you know that she is not external to you; she is you.

A Tatanqua is of this lifetime only. When this life is over and I return fully to Aiyama, she will do so as well, her work here complete. In the meantime, she will challenge me to courageous action, over and over, each mountain I climb a mere foothill to the next that lies ahead. She represents the very best I can be in this lifetime, full of resolve and commitment, nobility and dignity, strength and courage.

I am now deeply aware of my Tatanqua and I find that I can call her forth at will. I can breathe in her power and greatness. I can sense her presence when I am making important choices. I know that she will guide me in my decisions during the day and lead my steps on the path that now lies before me.

I am quite certain that you also have a Tatanqua, a great energetic presence full of courage and truth, power and confidence, waiting to be put to use in lifting you to the next level and thereby making this world a better place for all people.

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Love & peace,


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