Private Sessions–Test

A message from Spirit can remind you of who you truly are, deep inside.

“Carrie, you deeply touched and sparked something inside of me.  You helped me feel my authentic self.”  –Carmen 

A message from Spirit can give you a completely new perspective.

“I feel very blessed by our session!  It shifted events this week in a miraculous way!”  —Tany

A message from Spirit can make you feel cleansed and powerful, freed from the burdens that have been holding you back. 

“That session was truly amazing.  I have never felt so ‘seen’, so validated and so loved.  What more can one person do for another than what you did for me last week?  I can’t think what it would be.”  –Natasha S.

A message from Spirit can change your life.


Your path, your power.

In a Private Session, Spirit and I will take your journey to the next level.

Plus, your message will be recorded so you can listen again, any time you desire.

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