Daily Quado: I welcome each person in my life as a teacher

“I welcome each person in my life as a teacher.”

If you have repeating patterns in your life, certain types of relationships which seem to plague you no matter where you go, look at these people as teachers and know that this teacher will appear over and over until you have mastered the lesson.

And it will be a two-fold lesson, for these people are not only giving you yet another opportunity to learn how to respond well, they are also holding a mirror to something you have buried within you, something that needs to be cleansed and released.

If you always seem to encounter people who are angry, then you need to learn both to deal with the anger of others with grace and directness, and also to deal with your own suppressed anger.  You need to spend meditative time reaching down into your core and opening your heart and allowing the suppressed pain to dissipate.  Learn to do both of these things and this pattern will dissolve in your life.

If you find yourself seemingly surrounded by people who lie and manipulate, learn how to respond directly, calmly and compassionately, without judgment.  And then, turn inward and realize that this person is a sign that you are not in true integrity with your inner self.  In your meditative time, pull down your higher truth and let it fill you and then consciously live your days within that truth, speaking truth, being truth.

Today, look at what is around you.  See the patterns which are repeating.  Release them through a change in outward response to others and then look deeply inside for inner release as well.

I Am This Today

Today, I welcome each person in my life as a teacher, as one who offers me the opportunity to release old patterns from my life forever.

I release my old emotional reactions and open myself to new ways of responding.

I am reborn from strength.  I am reborn from a center of truth and love.  I am fresh and new and open to my highest self as I willingly release the old ways of being.

Right now, I feel myself opening and my higher self and intentions filling me.  I welcome this cleansing; I welcome this loving renewal.

I am strong and full of power and beingness.  I am clean and new and full of love.  I am.


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