Daily Quado: Learn to see discipline as freedom and love

“Learn to see discipline as freedom and love.”

Today, learn to see discipline as freedom and love.  Discipline is love of yourself, because it is the pathway to achieving what you wish to achieve.  You may think that control is that pathway, that trying to change and control the outer circumstances of your life will open it up and finally bring you the happiness you seek, but it is not so.  The only control you can ever successfully exert is over yourself.  The only person you can change is yourself.

Leave off trying to control others.  Leave off trying to control what swirls around outside you.  Instead, focus on yourself, on building the habits and practices which will bring you knowledge, accomplishment, skill and inner peace.

And from this will spring freedom, the freedom to do many different things well, the freedom to express yourself exactly as you wish to, because you have the skills necessary.  Give yourself the freedom to shine as an outward expression of your inner self, so that your appearance, talents and manner all express exactly what you wish them to express, because you have invested in yourself through caring discipline, steady patience, day by day, every day, building a foundation of great strength.

I Am This Today

Today, I take action that builds up my storehouse of skill and knowledge.  Today, as every day, I have the patience and foresight to practice that which I wish to learn.

I am full of peace.  I invite my higher self to fill me with a deep purpose and intention, lighting my inner fire with the glow of the person I am fully capable of being.

I feel this glow and I allow it to inform my actions.  I willingly accept responsibility for becoming this intention, through the gentle but steady application of loving discipline in my life.

I am full of knowledge and strength.  I am building habits and practices which create the life which I desire, in my deepest heart.  I am deeply patient and know how to let time work on my behalf.

I am patient, I am steady.  I am peaceful and strong.  I am.


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