Daily Quado: Find ways to express what you see, feel and know as yourself

“Find ways to express what you see, feel and know as yourself.”

Today, I wish you to see yourself clearly and find ways to express what you see, feel and know as yourself.

For so long now you have been canceling yourself out, compromising and editing before you have even uttered a word.  You are trained by parents, friends, teachers and coworkers, all of the people with whom you have associated, to think and act in a certain way, and to express yourself in ways which are deemed acceptable.

The result, too often, is that you have no idea what you really think or feel.  You may have lost touch with much of your inner truth.

The self-expression we seek here is not expression of pent-up anger and frustration.  What we seek is the truth deep inside, the place in your solar plexus which feels calm and comfortable when you are within your rightness, the place in your heart which opens wide when you have given expression to your truth.  This is what we are seeking:  an open expression of the deepest truth within you.

It may take some seeking to find, but if you quiet your mind and allow your body to feel its way along, you will find wondrous things inside you, just waiting to be expressed.

I Am This Today

Today, I ask my mind to be still as I open myself to the wonder of my own presence and being.  I invite my higher self to reside fully within me and to give me awareness of my deepest essence.

Today, I am aware of this presence within me.  I feel it in my center, my solar plexus, as a warm comforting pool of peace, which feels calm, settled and stable when I am acting out of my deepest integrity with myself.

Today, I am aware of my heart and open it wide.  I open myself to myself and allow myself to express what is the greatest and deepest essence of my loving presence, my essential being, which is love.

I am connected to my own truth.  I am connected to my heart of love.  I know who I am and allow myself to find expression.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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