Daily Quado: You are fulfilling your purpose now

“You are fulfilling your purpose now”

Do not wonder whether you have a purpose.  You do.  Your life has deep meaning.  Do not worry and wonder about what your purpose is.  You are fulfilling it right now, simply by being you.

You are standing where you need to stand in order to step forward and do what you need to do. There has been no mistake that sent you far afield.  There has been no error, cosmic or personal, that has blown you off course.  Instead, each so-called mistake has brought you the learning and growth you needed to be where you are now, poised and pregnant with possibility.  And the world around you is the same, fertile and ready for your planting.

And you, just as you are, are an important part of the springing forth, of the newness, of the unfolding, of the birth of greatness.

And your purpose is simple:  to be who you are, as fully expressed as you can be, living and being and doing your truth in each moment.  This is all.  This is much.  This is enough.

I Am This Today

I am full of peace and knowing, calm and settled in my center.

I know that I am just as I should be and that I am ready for all that life unfolds before me.

I am strong and capable.  I am aware of my wonder and shine out with it, every moment.

I have talents to unleash, wisdom and power beyond imagining, all within me.

I am all that I should be and need to be.  I am.


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