Daily Quado: Readiness pulls opportunities toward you

“Readiness pulls opportunities toward you”

Readiness is that wonderful gift you give yourself, where you actually do things which will help you to be ready for the unfolding of your desires.  You are so ready, that when the universe sends a record producer to the same party you attend, you just happen to have a demo of your latest song ready.  That is readiness.  Your belief in yourself and your talents is so great that you invest your time and energy in their blossoming.  And your faith in the great gifts of the universe is so great that you know that you will be presented with opportunities continually and gracefully, as a natural unfolding of yourself within the flow of the universe.

The actions you take toward your dreams, the classes, the disciplines, the preparations, are the strongest signal you can send, much stronger than mere visualizations of an outcome.  They are visualizations already made manifest through your action.

Make yourself ready and then you have faith that the flow will bring opportunities for you to use the skills and talents you have explored and expanded.  Readiness is pull energy, pulling opportunities toward you which you then act upon, responding to phone calls, talking to new people, following up on suggestions which come to you.

Make yourself ready, fully ready.  Then relax and allow the universe to deliver.  Be relaxed, open and alert.  Notice how articles you need to read just happen to be lying open before you, how someone you meet happens to know someone you should call.  Then take a deep breath, fill yourself with courage and act, lift up that phone, talk to that person across the room you feel drawn to.

When you truly devote yourself to readiness, you will be amazed at how strongly the universe responds.  And you have what it takes to follow through.  After all, you are ready.

I Am This Today

I am deeply talented.  I love myself so much that I am willing to dedicate my time and energy to the expansion and exploration of my talents.  I am worth the investment.

I allow myself to be one with the great creative flow of the universe, expressing myself openly and freely, giving and receiving in the graceful flow of the ever-responding universe.

I believe in myself.  I am full of faith.  I am deeply connected to all that is.  I am.


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