Daily Quado: Take pleasure in whatever it is you are doing

“Take pleasure in whatever it is you are doing”

I know how hard you work.  I know how hard you try.  I know how much it means to you to do well, to achieve, both in your personal life and in the spiritual, on the earthly plane and on the one above.  You struggle, you try, you work.

There are ways, in the midst of your duties and struggles, to make a deep connection with your work.  And this does not have to be noble work.  It can be any activity you are performing, no matter how seemingly trivial.  It is still possible to dip down into the flow, to allow yourself to become deeply engaged in whatever it is you are doing.

Stop for a moment and take a deep breath.  Look up from your work and release the tension which is built up by your concern for the looming deadline, the pressure your boss has put upon you, the pressure of bills coming due.  Stand up and stretch, shaking out your tensions.  Let your shoulders relax.  Let your jaw relax.  Consciously release the muscles in your face.

Then take another deep breath and return to your task with a relaxed and open point of view.  Forget the deadlines.  Forget the pressure.  Release your annoyance that you must do this task, your frustration with other people that led you to this situation.  Release your boredom with the repetition of your task.  Release all of that.

And now, simply allow yourself to enjoy it.  Allow yourself to take pleasure in the doing of this one thing that you are doing.  See the patterns that the dirt makes as you sweep the floor.  See how the light glistens off the water as it pours into the sink.  Enjoy how your mind clicks along as you look at the numbers.  Appreciate how your handwriting glides across the paper as you write out that check.  Hear the click of the keys as your fingers move across the computer keyboard.  Truly immerse yourself.  Enjoy it.  Take pleasure in whatever it is you are doing.  Right now.  Right here. This moment.

This is your life and this moment is a part of that life.  Notice the child who sits across from you at dinner.  Take your husband’s hand as you walk.  Pet the cat.  Breathe deeply and let yourself live with joy and connection.  Right now.

I Am This Today

I enjoy my life, every moment of it, no matter what.  I take great pleasure in everything that I do.

I am open to the things and the people around me and I deal with life just as it is, right now.

I am relaxed and confident.  I am full of belief in myself.  I am aware that I am surrounded by help and I fill this moment with gratitude.

I am present, right now.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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