Daily Quado: Lift your level and be a leader in your world

“Lift your level and be a leader in your world”

Today, I would like to speak of leadership.  I would like you to lift your level and be a leader in your world.  And by your world, I mean your circle of influence, your family, your friends, your workgroup, the community of people among whom you work and live.  And after you establish yourself as a leader there, your world may begin to expand, if you wish it to.

Leadership takes courage.  It means being true to what is within you, digging deep to determine how you truly feel, what you truly believe, and then asking others to join you in achieving a desired outcome.

Leadership can mean speaking up and telling your habitual luncheon partners that it is time to stop complaining about a situation and begin taking action, perhaps going to those in power with a proposition for change.  Leadership means making a commitment, declaring yourself, and enlisting the support of others.  Leadership means stepping out front and being willing to take the hits, be the one people focus on when they disagree with your proposition, being the one who marshals the forces.

There are great rewards in leadership, just as there are great challenges.  But one of greatest rewards is the challenge itself.  If you are to lead, you must overcome some of the old patterns, habits and ways which have been holding you back.  You must cease gossip and powerless complaining.  You must step out with power, owning your power and being willing to accept and focus power from others.  You must, above all, be willing to take responsibility, not only for yourself, but for others.

Pick one area of your life, as big or as small as you like.  Perhaps it is at home, within your own family.  Perhaps it is a larger world.  But pick one community of people and one situation that you care about, step up and lead.  Take a stand.  Ask for support.  Ask people to join you in commitment.  You will find within this assignment great growth, great expansion of your powers.  And success is defined not by how much you accomplish as a group, but by how much you personally learn through this exercise.

And as you lead, do it from the hearts of your followers.  Watch and observe carefully.  Sense them.  Know them.  See how they are looking for someone to follow, but how they want recognition and respect as well.  Set your own ego aside and learn to lead humbly, as the servant of those you stand before.  There is much to be learned here.

I Am This Today

I am full of power.  I am strong and capable.  I am able to read the hearts of others and find ways to communicate their desires and my own in a way which moves us toward action.

I am as the lion, full of courage and power.  I hold my head high and own my power, as I own my responsibility toward truth, toward myself and toward others.

I am vibrant and alive.  I feel the flow of commitment and responsibility within me and it feels good, it enlivens me, it emboldens me.  I am willing to accept this challenge to learn and grow in new ways.  I am a leader.

I am powerful.  I am deeply connected.  I am peace and love turned into action.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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