Daily Quado: Free yourself of the bonds of fear and fly free

“Free yourself of the bonds of fear and fly free”

Today, let us consider the fear in your life and send it away.  Today, let us act out of joy, out of freedom.  Today, free yourself of the bonds of fear and fly free, fly free into the life which you could have if you were not in bondage to fear.

You may think that this is impractical, but it is possible to be completely practical and sensible, taking action which will actually work in this physical world, and yet not act out of fear.

There is an assumption in your mind, because it is the way your mind works, that acting from fear is real and practical and that what is free must be impractical and will lead to impoverishment and loneliness in the end.

There is another way, and of course, it is all about living within this moment.  Right now, inside this moment, fear has no hold, because fear is about the future.  And right now, inside this moment, you can take action, plant a seed, which will lead to the most wondrous results over the long term, in most practical ways.  But in order to plant that magic seed, you must be willing to set fear aside and trust your knowing self, the truth which lies deep within, that tells you what to do, from a place of truth and deep connection with all that is.

This truth is beyond fear.  And if you will but come into this truth and act from it and within it, then your actions will have marvelous consequences which lift you up and out of the things which have you caged, and off and into the things which your heart truly desires.

I Am This Today

I am free to choose how to live my life, to create it from my heart of rightness and truth.

I live within now, right now, this moment, and find here the truth which informs my life and my choices.

I feel the freedom of the truth as my burdens lift and I embrace the beauty of now.

I am free. I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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