Daily Quado: Life is so short. Let it be sweet.

“Life is so short.  Let it be sweet.”

Today, fill your heart with gratitude.  Today, no matter what your circumstances, no matter what your worries or regrets, today, be grateful.

It is the perfect stance to take in your life, to begin from a place of gratitude.  The universe will respond more readily to an open and grateful heart than to a bitter heart full of complaints and fear.

Right now, breathe in deeply and open your heart.  First, release from it any bitterness, anger or frustration.  Release any fear over tomorrow or regret over yesterday. Let these corrosive feelings fly out of your heart.  Let them go.

And now, from the inside, deep inside, fill yourself with gratitude.  Be grateful for being alive, for being a part of this great adventure, and able to draw even one more breath of this precious life.  Life is so short.  Let it be sweet.  Sweeten it with gratitude for just being who you are, right now, right here.  Be grateful for every star that shines in your nighttime, every cloud that drifts across your daytime sky.  Be grateful for the heart that beats within you, the breath that fills your body.

For at least this one moment, breathe in deeply and feel life vibrantly within you.  Feel how, if you come down into now, right now, there is peace.  Yes, peace.  Peace and calm and a deep, deep quiet.  And here, within this quiet, be grateful, be glad.

I Am This Today

I open my heart to life and let it flow through me, vibrant and alive.

I am full of the breath of life and I welcome it within me.  I am so glad to be alive.

I feel life as it flows within me, and I fill with gratitude, with thanks for being able to be me, just as I am, here, now, just as things are.

I give thanks for my precious life and this great adventure.

I am grateful.  I am peaceful.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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