Daily Quado: This is your day. It stretches out full of openness, cleanliness and possibility. It glistens like the dew at dawn.

“This is your day.  It stretches out full of openness, cleanliness and possibility.  It glistens like the dew at dawn.”

Today is such a glorious day and it dawns full and ready for you.  Today, think of the day as a great receptor, waiting for you to pour your energy into it.

Do not think of your life as something outward, coming at you with surprises and threats.  Instead, think of life in more feminine terms, open and receptive, a vessel into which you put your hopes and dreams, and most importantly, your positive energies.

Today, charge up your day.  Begin the day by cleansing yourself of negative thoughts and emotions.  Give yourself an energy cleanse, in which a cone of pure, golden energy comes down from the sky, swirls around slowly and gently, lifting away the burdens of fear and doubt, and then returns to the sky, taking with it all that is negative, and leaving you highly charged with positive thoughts, positive energies.

And now, fill yourself with love.  Let the pure unending love of the universe flow down into you, like a gentle rain, or poured out by a few angels into your heart.  Fill yourself so full with love that you overflow, and your love overflowing fills up the sweet world, overflowing and reaching out to cover the earth, your love is so great and endless that it can do this, and the dawn sky brightens in response as your love fills up the day.

Now give your thanks for simply being alive, able to draw one more breath on this day full of sparkling possibility.  See how the sky sparkles with energy and possibility.  Why, anything could happen!  See how the green grass stretches out beside you, alive and growing, each blade unique and perfect, reaching up to the sun which is rising even now.  And see now how there are beautiful jewels strewn in the grass, diamonds, rubies and emeralds, sparkling, with the rising sun reflected off every facet, each one an opportunity, something you might have and do if only you choose to take notice and avail yourself.

This is your day.  This is your life.  It stretches out full of openness, cleanliness and possibility.  It glistens like the dew at dawn.  It sparkles and beckons.  It asks only that you be a part of it, that you breathe in the fresh morning air, that you send your loving and lovely energies out into it and grace it with your presence.

The day is yours.

I Am This Today

I cleanse myself completely and greet this new day full of openness and gratitude.  I give my deep thanks for being alive for one more day.  I embrace all of the beauty and opportunity that this dawning day holds for me.

I am a part of all that is.  I am deeply connected to this moment and all that it holds.  Every opportunity, every possibility, is a deep part of me.

I accept everything exactly as it is.  I notice it.  I am aware.

I am deeply at peace in my acceptance.  I overflow with love.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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