Daily Quado: Change one little thing in your life

“Change one little thing in your life”

Today would be wonderful day to change one little thing in your life that you have wanted to change.  It is not a day to revamp your entire life, to take a great pledge.  No, today is only one day.

Too often, you turn away from correcting things in your life, because it seems such an enormous task.  And yet, just a little every day and gradually, the change happens, the problem corrects itself, the heavy burden lifts.  Just one little thing, and it is done.

This is true for learning as well.  Just fifteen minutes a day of a new activity, done every day, and after a while your muscles are more toned, or you speak a little French, or you play a little tune on the piano.

See yourself standing in the center of a circle.  The perimeter is five years out.  See where you will be if you do not undertake some personal changes, in five years hence.  Now, just spin the tiniest amount, just a fifteen-minute-a-day change, and see where you are in five years.  Just a tiny change, like eating 100 calories less per day, exercising a few times a week, spending $100 less a month and saving it instead.  A small change, just a tiny little turn, but held consistently over five years, puts you in an entirely different place.

The advertisers on television will tell you that if you will but spend money on their products, you can change instantly and effortlessly.  But it is not so.  Even these little tiny changes require that you dig deep and find some very important strengths within you, and that is one of the primary reasons you are to take them on.  Dig deep and find acceptance, patience, and tenacity.  Find self-respect and honor.  Find a self-love so deep that you know you deserve to live the life you truly desire.

You cannot buy this.  But you can find it inside.  It is all there.

I Am This Today

I love and honor myself deeply.  I respect myself completely.

I love myself so deeply that I am willing to open myself to living in new ways, ways which lead me toward my desires.

Today, I make one small change and embrace it with love, embrace it with all that I am.  I welcome this change and all that it brings forth from me.

I am love and peace.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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