Daily Quado: Walk forward and out into the world, naked and open, showing who you are

“Walk forward and out into the world, naked and open, showing who you are” 

Your fear and your doubt think that they know what will happen tomorrow.  They will tell you that if you express yourself instead of doing what everyone tells you to do, that some disaster will befall you.  But it is not so.

Your fear and doubt want tomorrow to be like yesterday, even though yesterday is worn out and threadbare and has lost all its energy and ability to create.  That power, that power for creation and change, is all within now.  But your fear and doubt do not know this.

They are like the old couch that has stayed too long in the room, turning into a little cocoon for you to hide within.  Yes, you are safe here, the world cannot reach you.  You can sit here and cry when things go wrong, when your feelings are hurt, when you are disappointed.  And your fear and doubt will always be here to comfort you when you fall, when you are hurt, when you revert back to that little child who needed such comforting.

But if you will but stand up and walk out of the embrace of that old threadbare couch, with its ancient stains and broken springs, if you will but walk forward and out into the world, naked and open, showing who you are and letting it all happen, creating a world from the glow inside, wrapped in nothing but the warmth and love that pour forth from your unfettered soul, if you will do this, fear and doubt will run and hide, driven away by the shining light that is you, and the world will open to you as you walk forward.

You are the light that shines. You are the one. You are the source of light and love and you are all that you need to be.  See the light that glows in your center.  Feed it, fan its flame through open and full self-expression.  Find places in your life in which to do this, time and space where you are away from people who want to control you, where you can open up and say and do and be who you are.  Seek this out actively and feed yourself from it.

You are the one.  You are love and wisdom.  You are enough.  You are all you need to be.  It is all within you, all the talent, all the skill; everything you need, you have.  Get up off that couch, leave fear and doubt behind, and walk naked into the sun.  Ah, yes, the world awaits you.

I Am This Today

I am full of power.  I have the power to shine forth as I am.  I glow with certainty.  I glow with a deep belief in myself.

I am strong and capable and have within me everything that I need to walk forward in my life with joy.  I am clean and pure, full of the higher energy of love, full of the wonder of my highest self.

I am love.  I am connection.  I am power.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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