Daily Quado: Wear your wrinkles with pride

“Wear your wrinkles with pride”

Today, I would speak to you of aging.  I would ask you, right now, to end the criticism you heap upon yourself because you see more wrinkles and a stomach that has grown larger.  I would ask you to end the internal and external complaining over your joints and aches and pains.  I would ask you to step into acceptance of aging as a natural and beautiful part of the process of living, not as a necessary evil that has been visited upon you.

Wear your wrinkles with pride.  Pat that little stomach and accept its presence.  You have earned it.   You have earned every stripe of honor that graces your face, every spot on your hands, every beautiful bump and line on your body.

Do not yearn after youth.  Live as deeply now as you can.  If you spend this time in the stream looking backwards, yearning for the places you missed, then you are simply missing this one, drifting aimlessly down the river without experiencing this moment.  However old you are now, you will one day look back and think this was young and wonder why you missed so much of the experience.

However old you are now, there are things to experience within this age.  Do not make it an exercise in frustration and yearning.  Come deeply into now.  Do not worry about what the television says about youth.  Look around you at real people.  See what true beauty is from your own life experience.

The answer to beauty is to glow from inside.  You know this from your experience with other people.  Someone initially beautiful can become unattractive to you.  Someone initially unattractive can become beautiful when they are lit from within, when they glow with love, joy, peace and connection.

If you are full of self-criticism, angry at each little wrinkle and sag, then this is what you are projecting:  self-hatred and frustration. But if you will allow yourself to love yourself just as you are, exactly as you are, to go deep within, find your glow and project it outward, then this is what others will see.

Do not worry about the opportunities lost.  Yes, it is true that you have missed the opportunity to be a prima ballerina.  But that experience would have completed itself in any case by now, and all it would be is a memory.  Right now, you are surrounded by opportunity and possibility, no matter what your circumstances, no matter what your age, no matter how much time you have or how much money is in your bank account.  Restricting what you do because of these perceived limitations is merely an excuse, a handy place for fear and doubt to hide.

Why not do what you wish to do?  No matter what, you will succeed in the expansion of your life, in your learning and internal growth.  Face life squarely and do what you wish to do.

If you had no fear and no doubt, what would you do?  Do it.  Do it now.  Do not assume that you will be rejected because of age.  Do not assume you will fail without giving it all that you have.

Commit yourself to life, to a full and open enjoyment of now, to taking on what you wish to pursue, to filling yourself with joy and peace and a deep involvement in now, right now.  Do this and the years will pass gracefully and richly, each moment a fulfillment of your presence within it.

How blessed you are to have reached this point in your life.  How grateful you should be to take another breath and have another opportunity to see the sun rise in beauty, hear the birds sing their song, feel the breeze on your face.  This is life and it is good.

I Am This Today

I accept and love myself completely, just as I am.  I appreciate each mark of honor upon my body, for I have earned it step by step in my journey of life.

Right now, I am full of joy at simply being alive.  I appreciate my life just as it is and see the sparkling possibility all around me.

I am love.  I am joy.  I am peace.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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