Daily Quado: Instead of making declarations about what you will do, do something right now

“Instead of making declarations about what you will do, do something right now”

I wish for you to relax about your future.  End the worry and anxiety.  End the wondering about what will happen.  Know that you are creating that future every moment, in your thoughts and in your actions, in the direction you are taking in all ways.  You are an active creator.

Know that the future is not something distant and unknown.  This moment right now was the future just a moment ago, and it extended out of that moment and came to life.  And all of the future is like this, extending out from the present moment with just a slight variation upon it.  And what you can do to create the future you want is just to create the present that you want, during the present moment.

Instead of making declarations about what you will do, do something right now, in this moment.  Take a small action here, make a small shift right now, think a positive thought, plant the seed now that will slowly grow into a new life.

Your life will unfold.  Life is constant change and you cannot keep things as they are, even if you care to.  And so, you can choose to allow that change to be haphazard, or to be a repeat of old patterns, or you can actively create it in a new way, by doing something different right now.  Right now is the only place where you have this choice.  The past is gone and the future is not yet here.  Right now is the place of action.  Right now is the place of active creation.  Right now is the only thing that is real.

The future is not fixed.  It is fluid and formed and reformed in each breath you take.  Do not ask what the future holds.  Create it, own it, make it yours.  Right now, let go of old thoughts and patterns and allow new ones to form in their place.

Release those worries that are holding you in old patterns.  Release all the negative emotions that are keeping you glued to the spot.  Release it all; feel the fresh breeze that blows across the garden.  Take a deep breath, spread your wings and fly.

I Am This Today

Today I feel the breeze of opportunity and newness blowing through my life.  Today, I release the old ways and patterns that have kept me grounded.  Today, I spread my wings and allow life to lift me up, to carry me out into new vistas.

Today, If feel the freedom that each passing moment offers me.  Today, I fly.

I am peace and joy.  I am freedom and love.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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