Daily Quado: Enter the garden of peace and plenty

“Enter the garden of peace and plenty”

There is a garden that awaits you.  The sunshine of faith shines down gently.  The water of love runs through endlessly.  The flowers of opportunity and possibility unfurl each day and the soil of creativity is deep and rich.  In this garden, an idea becomes reality, beauty and joy abound, and peace is profound.  And the gate to this garden is within you, ever and always.

You cannot buy your way into this garden, hoping that worldly success will bring you happiness.  You cannot plan your way into this garden, thinking that if only you do everything correctly you will finally get what you want, become what you want.  You cannot wish your way into this garden, focused in the future that never quite comes.

You enter the garden of peace and plenty much more simply than all of this.  You simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and slip in through the gate entitled Now.  And right now, right here, you will find it all.  Right now, right here, there is love and peace beyond measure.  Enter this garden every morning faithfully, and you will then carry it in your heart throughout the day, there for you when you need it, for a brief rest, a brief rejuvenation, yours to have with every breath.

I Am This Today

I am completely centered in this moment.  Nothing else is real, nothing else exists.  I am here, right now.

I feel the garden in my heart; I know the love, the faith, the flowing goodness of being.  I am connected deeply within the peace and love which is there for me.

I am love.  I am peace.  I am joy.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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