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Daily Quado: Plan for the seasons, but live now

“Plan for the seasons, but live now” Today, I wish to speak of your relationship to your future and to planning. We have spoken much of living in the moment, of being in this moment now and finding your peace and joy here, rather than expecting it through the future unfolding of your plans.  And […]

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Daily Quado: Fall in love with yourself

“Fall in love with yourself” Today, fall in love with yourself.  Let your heart beat faster at the prospect of spending an hour alone with such a fascinating, intricate and complex person.  Let your heart fill with love as you think about how precious you are, how lovable, how compassionate and caring you are.  Let […]

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Daily Quado: Each moment is a gift

“Each moment is a gift” Each moment is a gift.  Each morning is a great present for you to open, a blue sky wrapped in the pink ribbon of dawn.  Each day is a flower unfolding in beauty, spreading her perfume across the garden of life.  Each relationship is a deep and mysteriously beautiful cave […]

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Daily Quado: Enter the garden of peace and plenty

“Enter the garden of peace and plenty” There is a garden that awaits you.  The sunshine of faith shines down gently.  The water of love runs through endlessly.  The flowers of opportunity and possibility unfurl each day and the soil of creativity is deep and rich.  In this garden, an idea becomes reality, beauty and […]

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Daily Quado: You are perfect in your imperfections

“You are perfect in your imperfections” You, exactly as you are in this moment, matter. You are important.  You, exactly as you are, without needing any improvement whatsoever, are deeply important. You are the piece in the puzzle without which nothing would be the same.  You are the flower in the garden without which the […]

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