Daily Quado: Your inner truth knows everything else that is happening

“Your inner truth knows everything else that is happening.”

Today is an excellent day for clarity.  There is a clarity which comes only when you clear your mind completely of regret and worry, clear the rest of your body of fear, and when you completely banish doubt.

Too often your choices and decisions are driven by what you had thought would be, and what you still hope will be.  Instead, they need to come from a place of present mind awareness.  You need a clear awareness of exactly how things actually are, exactly how things are in this moment.

Combine that with your inner truth, known in your center by its peaceful, settled feeling.  For your inner truth knows everything else that is happening in the world at this moment and its most likely outcome.  Add to that the higher intentions and purpose of your soul self and you have the perfect clarity necessary to make the right choice every moment of every day.

I Am This Today

Today, I ask that I may be clear of all things past and future and that my mind and body may be filled only with now.  Today, I ask that I may be completely clear about how things are now, how things actually are.  Today, I ask for this complete clarity of vision and understanding.

And then, within this clarity, I invite my higher self to fill me with purpose and intention, so that I might see the next step to take, full of truth and resolve.

I am clear and focused.  I am full of truth and intention.  I am.


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