Daily Quado: Choose not to battle. Choose to end the struggle and win.

“Choose not to battle.  Choose to end the struggle and win.”

You are full of power and strength, the strength to overcome your persistent habits and reactions which no longer serve you well.

However, do not think that the best strength is the imposition of will.  First, the application of will against your habits is not something which comes easily; you must prepare and brace yourself for battle.  And secondly, there will always be that day, that moment, when your old habit is stronger than the will you have tried to impose and the battle will be on.

Choose not to battle.  Choose not to fight this war.  Choose to end the struggle and win.

And the best way to win is not to fight yourself.  The best way to win is to light the fire inside and begin to see yourself in a new way.  It is no longer you imposing a will against yourself.  It is you loving yourself and doing what is best for you.  It is you, embracing your glory in love and warmth, accepting a little setback or mistake with ease, knowing that this will happen, in the course of time, but knowing that the battle is already won, because there is no battle.

A deep inner resolve, a deep inner peace, a glow of strength and power within, and a sure knowledge that you will prevail, will surpass the imposition of will every time.

I Am This Today

Today, I seek to find peace inside.  I release the tension which I have imposed by battling against myself.  Today, I accept myself completely and love myself exactly the way I am.

Today, I fill myself with a new feeling, a feeling of power, power complete and absolute.  This power is not a power over myself, but rather a power of myself.

I am who I am.  I am whole and complete, and everything I ever was and will be is all contained in me as I am in this moment.  I embrace the wonder and glory that I am.

I am powerful.  I am peaceful.  I am.


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